Why Rose Essential Oil? 320 MHz of Love

fresh-rose-1537405Rose essential oil has long been one of the most expensive oils as it takes 22 pounds of petals to produce 5 ML of oil, but the supportive health benefits are worth noting. Rose oil has been used to support the skin, emotions, and hormonal systems. Rose oil has the highest vibration of any oil at 320 MHz.  According to this excellent article (http://www.biospiritual-energy-healing.com/vibrational-frequency.html), the Human body starts the dis-ease process below 62 MHz.  Fear is a low vibration emotion while Love is a high vibration.

If you want to try Rose oil but don’t want to invest in single Rose oil, try Joy essential oil. Rose oil is one of the ingredients in the blend. I often put a drop on my heart. Rose Ointment also contains Rose Oil.

Add a drop of Rose to jojoba oil or other carrier oil to make a delightful moisture cream. Put a drop in distilled water (glass spray bottle) to make a body spritzer.  Put a drop in massage oil and rub your feet.

Check out the PubMed article on the science and research behind the benefits of Rose Oil.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3586833/


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Dog Training Tips

51q-MeoYo7L._AC_UL320_SR252,320_Many thanks to two truly amazing doggie friends who took the time to speak to a lady in need. Cynthia Taylor (Florida Poodle Rescue) and Barbara Davis (Indian River Dog Training club).  My heart is filled with gratitude and honored to have these two ladies in my life. Barbara shared the article below from k9deb.com.   Also, check out this article on Aromatherapy for dogs.  https://dogs.thefuntimesguide.com/aromatherapy_for_dogs/

Nothing in Life is Free

Undesirable behavior can be caused by many things, including undetected illness. No behavior modification program should begin without first taking the dog to a veterinarian for a complete physical examination. While you’re there, give your vet a printed copy of this page and ask if it would be an appropriate technique for you to try. The NILIF program is an accepted standard in dog training/behavior but it is not, and is not intended to be, a substitute for an in-person, professional evaluation of your dog’s behavior. This technique is intended for dogs in good health and of sound mind and stable temperament.

The NILIF program is remarkable because it’s effective for such a wide variety of problems. A shy, timid dog becomes more relaxed knowing that he has nothing to worry about, his owner is in charge of all things. A dog that’s pushing too hard to become “top dog” learns that the position is not available and that his life is far more enjoyable without the title.

It is equally successful with dogs that fall anywhere between those two extremes. The program is not difficult to put into effect and it’s not time consuming if the dog already knows a few basic obedience commands. I’ve never seen this technique fail to bring about a positive change in behavior, however, the change can be more profound in some dogs than others. Most owners use this program in conjunction with other behavior modification techniques such as coping with fear or treatment for aggression. It is a perfectly suitable technique for the dog with no major behavior problems that just needs some fine tuning.

The program begins by eliminating attention on demand. When your dog comes to you and nudges your hand, saying “pet me! pet me!” ignore him. Don’t tell him “no”, don’t push him away. Simply pretend you don’t notice him. This has worked for him before, so don’t be surprised if he tries harder to get your attention. When he figures out that this no longer works, he’ll stop. In a pack situation, the top ranking dogs can demand attention from the lower ranking ones, not the other way around. When you give your dog attention on demand you’re telling him that he has more status in the pack than you do. Timid dogs become stressed by having this power and may become clingy. They’re never sure when you’ll be in charge so they can’t relax. What if something scary happens, like a stranger coming in the house? Who will handle that? The timid dog that is demanding of attention can be on edge a lot of the time because he has more responsibility than he can handle.

Some dogs see their ability to demand attention as confirmation that they are the “alpha”, then become difficult to handle when told to “sit” or “down” or some other demand is placed on them. It is not their leadership status that stresses them out, it’s the lack of consistency. They may or may not actually be alpha material, but having no one in the pack that is clearly the leader is a bigger problem than having the dog assume that role full time. Dogs are happiest when the pack order is stable. Tension is created by a constant fluctuation of pack leadership.


Your dog already knows that he can demand your attention and he knows what works to get that to happen. As of today, it no longer works, but he doesn’t know that yet. We all try harder at something we know works when it stops working. If I gave you a twenty dollar bill every time you clapped your hands together, you’d clap a lot. But, if I suddenly stopped handing you money, even though you were still clapping, you’d clap more and clap louder. You might even get closer to me to make sure I was noticing that you were clapping. You might even shout at me “Hey! I’m clapping like crazy over here, where’s the money?”. If I didn’t respond at all, in any way, you’d stop. It wasn’t working anymore. That last try — that loud, frequent clapping is an extinction burst. If, however, during that extinction burst, I gave you another twenty dollar bill you’d be right back in it. It would take a lot longer to get you to stop clapping because you just learned that if you try hard enough, it will work.

When your dog learns that the behaviors that used to get him your attention don’t work any more he’s going to try harder and he’s going to have an extinction burst. If you give him attention during that time you will have to work that much harder to get him turned around again. Telling him “no” or pushing him away is not the kind of attention he’s after, but it’s still attention. Completely ignoring him will work faster and better.

As the human and as his owner you have control of all things that are wonderful in his life. This is the backbone of the NILIF program. You control all of the resources. Playing, attention, food, walks, going in and out of the door, going for a ride in the car, going to the dog park. Anything and everything that your dog wants comes from you. If he’s been getting most of these things for free there is no real reason for him to respect your leadership or your ownership of these things. Again, a timid dog is going to be stressed by this situation, a pushy dog is going to be difficult to handle. Both of them would prefer to have you in charge.

To implement the NILIF program you simply have to have your dog earn his use of your resources. He’s hungry? No problem, he simply has to sit before his bowl is put down. He wants to play fetch? Great! He has to “down” before you throw the ball. Want to go for a walk or a ride? He has to sit to get his lead snapped on and has to sit while the front door is opened. He has to sit and wait while the car door is opened and listen for the word (I use “OK”) that means “get into the car”. When you return he has to wait for the word that means “get out of the car” even if the door is wide open. Don’t be too hard on him. He’s already learned that he can make all of these decisions on his own. He has a strong history of being in control of when he gets these resources. Enforce the new rules, but keep in mind that he’s only doing what he’s been taught to do and he’s going to need some time to get the hang of it all.

You’re going to have to pay attention to things that you probably haven’t noticed before. If you feed your dog from your plate do you just toss him a green bean? No more. He has to earn it. You don’t have to use standard obedience commands, any kind of action will do. If your dog knows “shake” or “spin around” or “speak” use those commands. Does your dog sleep on your bed? Teach him that he has to wait for you to say “OK” to get on the bed and he has to get down when you say “off”. Teach him to go to his bed, or other designated spot, on command. When he goes to his spot and lays down tell him “stay” and then release him with a treat reward. Having a particular spot where he stays is very helpful for when you have guests or otherwise need him out of the way for a while. It also teaches him that free run of the house is a resource that you control. There are probably many things that your dog sees as valuable resources that I haven’t mentioned here.

The NILIF program should not be a long, drawn out process. All you need to do is enforce a simple command before allowing him access to what he wants. Dinner, for example, should be a two or three second encounter that consists of nothing more than saying “sit”, then “good dog!”, then putting the bowl down and walking away.

Now that your dog is no longer calling the shots you will have to make an extra effort to provide him with attention and play time. Call him to you, have him “sit” and then lavish him with as much attention as you want. Have him go get his favorite toy and play as long as you both have the energy. The difference is that now you will be the one initiating the attention and beginning the play time. He’s going to depend on you now, a lot more than before, to see that he gets what he needs. What he needs most is quality time with you. This would be a good time to enroll in a group obedience class. If his basic obedience is top notch, see about joining an agility class or fly ball team.

NILIF DOES *NOT* MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO RESTRICT THE AMOUNT OF ATTENTION YOU GIVE TO YOUR DOG. The NILIF concept speaks to who initiates the attention (you!), not the amount of attention. Go ahead and call your dog to you 100 times a day for hugs and kisses!! You can demand his attention, he can no longer demand yours!

Within a day or two your dog will see you in a whole new light and will be eager to learn more. Use this time to teach new things, such as ‘roll over’ or learn the specific names of different toys.

If you have a shy dog, you’ll see a more relaxed dog. There is no longer any reason to worry about much of anything. He now has complete faith in you as his protector and guide. If you have a pushy dog he’ll be glad that the fight for leadership is over and his new role is that of devoted and adored pet.

©1999 Deb McKean


I Could Never Work Here
The Last Battle
Clinical Handling
Social Isolation
Kitchen Training

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Green Smoothie Recipe

green-smoothie-e1420267513283Every morning I make a green smoothie for breakfast.  The recipe can be varied according to taste but I always include the greens to get those veggies in the diet. Protein powder is optional and so are the nuts. I think some source of fat is helpful to slow down the sugar absorption from the fruit. Nuts are a good source of fat or you can use coconut oil.

I like the Vita-Mix blender as I broke four other types before deciding that it would cost less in the end to have the professional blender. Lea Ann Anderson Savage is the Vitamix lady who can hook you up with a refurbish if you want to save some $ or go to her demos in your area for a discount.

Put your greens in the vitamix first (start with romaine, organic spinach or green leaf lettuce and you can progress to kale as it can be bitter).  Add some liquid (organic beef bone broth or distilled water), add your chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts (pecans or walnuts are yummy), protein powder (Young Living Slique, Pure protein complete, Balance Complete, or Jarrow Grass Fed Whey powder), Greens First powder,coconut flakes and some avocado.  Mix these ingredients until blended. Add frozen banana and some frozen berries and cherries.  If you are using kale, I would add some stevia (better stevia brand). Blend until smooth. Add a drop of Vitality orange, tangerine, nutmeg or lemon essential oil to change the flavor. Keep it simple in the beginning and use only the greens, fruit and nuts.   Enjoy!

For more recipes see the Vitamix Blender lady’s facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/VitamixEnthusiasts/

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Finding Joy (even if you are in a funk)

achoose joy mesh vanessa multonHow can you find Joy when you are down in the dumps and feeling heavy in the heart?  I am no expert but I have found a lot of pointers that might help you. Instead of having to search on your own, maybe these tips will help you rise out of a funk.  (Remember, none of this is medical advise but these things have helped me..)  Most of the ideas are free or very affordable.

Take a walk in a forest, sit under a tree, hug a tree or walk on the beach barefoot.  The negative ions are very beneficial like the tree essential oils when you diffuse them in your home.  Check out http://www.earthing.com. Disconnect from devices for a few hours a day, especially before bedtime. Sign up for the Do not call list and download MR NUMBER to your cell phone to stop unwanted calls.

Keep a gratitude journal and write a paragraph daily.  Don’t rent space out in your head to negative thoughts (see the book “Forgive for Good”).  Sign up for a daily affirmation to be delivered to your cell phone or email.

Practice random acts of kindness. Volunteer to help with the babies at church or an animal shelter. Read to the elderly at an assisted living facility.  Train a dog to do therapy work, obedience or agility. Go to a dog show. Play with puppies or kittens or just watch them play. Helping others usually makes you feel better. Learn T touch for dogs or reiki.  Take a toastmaster class.  Plan a trip even if you don’t go right away.  Day trips are fun too and affordable. I love to visit old Florida towns and go to the diners.

Go shopping at thrift stores or estate sales.  There are so many hidden treasures at these places.

Research your family tree.  Familysearch.org  is a great place to trace your roots and it is all free. Go to the library and check out their free events including guest speakers and movies.  The reference people will help teach you how to download books for free to your phone or mobile device.

Go to a massage school and get a massage or facial. Make your own foot scrubs and massage your feet with it.  Make up a bath salt with epsom salts and lavender essential oil.   Soak in a tub with calming music. Put a drop of Joy essential oil over your heart and your kidneys.

Listen to drum medicine music (mimics the heart beat).  Check out David and Steve Gordon.  Meditate and do yoga practice along with some breathing exercises.  Meditate daily with some Frankincense oil in the diffuser or  by applying to your palms and inhaling.  Do a chakra clearing with a pendulum and see which chakra needs an assist. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16958/7-essential-oils-to-balance-your-chakras.html

Fall in love with something or someone.  Find your passion and go with it. Close your eyes before you go to sleep and ask the Angels to assist you with any problems. Make sure you get good sleep. Try Lavender on the feet and inhaling it before sleep. If you wake up every night, ask your doctor if you might have apnea. Snore-guards may help.

Have your Vitamin D level checked. Low levels can cause problems in many forms as it is more of a hormone than a vitamin. Whole food vitamins are always a better choice than synthetic varieties. Take probiotics daily to support the gut. Good bacteria in the gut helps to absorb nutrients and has even been noted to help with anxiety. (See Trudy Scott). Make a green smoothie every day.  You can get a refurbished vitamix for less $. Check your blood sugar levels with a personal meter to see what foods spike your insulin levels. Dr Mark Hyman (Blood Sugar Solution author) recommends PGX fiber to help stabilize blood sugar. High sugar levels are likened to glass particles in your arteries and found to be much more harmful than good fats like olive oil and ghee. Eat no processed foods. Do an elimination diet to see if certain foods are making you feel bad. Not all food allergies show up on blood or skin tests.  See healinghistamine.com

Try something that you always wanted to do.  Take guitar lessons,art lessons or tai chi. Try a cooking class, or cake decorating. The local recreation departments have options. Senior centers offer trips by bus to make new friends. Go to a local zoo. Take a picnic lunch to a local park and watch the ducks.

Get a Heart Math device and learn how your thoughts are affecting your body/mind/spirit.  http://www.heartmath.com  for more information and http://www.heartmath.org for the research.

Fall in love with books again. Audible.com has audio downloads that you can try for free. Listen to books in the car and let the car be your university.  If the library doesn’t have a book, I look for used books from amazon.com. Check out SPOTIFY for great commercial free music. Listen to the songs from your youth and sing along.

When someone hurts you, they are hurting so pray for them.  Attend services of some sort. People who gather together live longer.  Try http://www.meetup.com for a variety of great groups.  If you don’t have nice parents or they have gone to Heaven, love on someone else’s parents.   Read the book “In Sheep’s Clothing” for a new perspective on people that are bothering you.

Make bone broth and consume it daily for great nutrition. Bone broth is very affordable to make in a crock pot.  Use organic beef bones if possible. Stay hydrated and add some minerals to the water on occasion.  Have your iodine level tested.

Listen to online summits for free to see what experts have to say about challenges that you might be facing. Online summits are free for a short time. Hay House and Health Talks online are good choices.  One Spirit Medicine is an amazing account of a Shaman’s personal journey back to health from a devastating diagnosis. Get an acupuncture treatment or learn acupressure.

Look for cute cartoons.  I love cartoons, especially from people who use animals like the talented Maria Scrivan. Laugh every day.  Watch comedy, not criminal shows.

Move your body every day. Stretch and take time to relax too.  Eat more greens.  Smile…

Try to limit your exposure to chemicals and pesticides in food, and personal care products. Whatever you put on your skin ends up in the blood. Organic foods are worth the extra money as reduce your exposure to pesticides and chemicals.  Farmers markets might be a good place to purchase organic or grow your own.  Don’t be afraid to sweat. It releases toxins.

Don’t forget to breathe. When you are stressed, holding the breath can make you feel worse. Take a minute to remember that because you breathe, you are a child of God and he loves you.


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Notes from Animal Conference


Young Living Animal Conference -Notes from April 2017

The Young Living Animal conference in Mona, Utah at the Lavender farm featured holistic Veterinarians, Animal Behaviorists, Animal trainers, Breeders and Researchers. Morning general sessions with expert speakers were followed by workshops in the afternoon.  I wasn’t able to attend all of the workshops, but here is some of the information that I gathered from the classes that I did attend.  This information is for education and not medical advise.

Life Science Publishers is coming out with a new Animal Reference Guide in June.

The speakers passionately shared their case studies and personal testimonials.  Feel free to email me if any of my notes need further explanation. Tantalite3@aol.com

Dr Nancy Brandt DVM  suggested a process of self selection where she lets the animals choose their own oils. She puts the open bottles on the floor and lets the animal go to the oil that they like.

To get the last little bit of oils from the bottle, she suggests adding vodka to the bottle, soaking for 4-8 hours. Add the vodka/oil mix to a glass bottle with distilled water and use as a mister.  She sometimes uses a pendulum to choose oils.

Diffuse in the clinic:  ravintsara, myrtle, eucalyptus, citrus.  Diffuse in grooming room: Lavender, roman chamomile, valerian, vetiver, cedarwood, peace and calm oil.  Diffusing is very safe in cold water ultrasonic diffuers.

Loss of pet : sacred angel, sacred mountain, sacred frankincense, frankincense.

Find an oil that your nose likes.

Dr Jodie, author of “Live With Your Pet in Mind”, has valuable information on her website along with Youtube videos from Pet X Talks  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fR5k0Xog74

She spoke on vaccinations and Kidney support.  Probiotics and gut health are important. Prebiotics – dark green leafy, berries, whole food vitamins, enzymes,inulin, chicory root, mushroom, FOS. Switch up your probiotics.  Phosphorus binds calcium. Feed warm food.  Add glandular, dandelion, parsley, cordyceps, uva ursi (see Young Living K & B), Essential oil of juniper, colostrum, vitamin D.  She suggested a book called “Silent Messages” and “Let Me See Your Body Talk” by Jan Hargrave.    Website  http://www.safe4animals.com and    http://www.drjodiesnaturalpets.com/resources

One of the workshops featured a demonstration using the FEELINGS KIT oils on animals.  Handout available by request.  Check out this video too…https://youtu.be/UP47lEchsYk

Acupressure — hold 2-3 minutes, ninety degrees to acupressure point.  Anyone can do acupressure.  bernadettehartmann.com   Also see… http://www.acupressure.com/

Suggested oils for emotional release:  idaho balsam fir, copahiba, Valor, Relieve it, northern lights black spruce, aromalife, release, transformation. Joy and Nutmeg on the adrenals. Spruce on the spine and bones. Cypress on the feet. Immupower for immune.

American Council of Animal Naturopathy- course online recommended by Vet techs.

Frankincense and lavender prior to surgery to reduce trauma. Peppermint aids in digestion.

Emotions stuck …. Liver.  Pancreas- lack of sweetness in life. Lung- grief.  Ligaments- connection to God. Intense emotions get trapped in the body. Clear your energy, clear the animals. Get people to breathe and release. Look at animal behavior to see what is going on with the people. Energy has to move. Dogs get scared- floods brain and neurons. Releases chemicals and hormones. Limbic system affected. Oils hold vibration and energy. We are electrical beings on energetic level.

Shots :  DHPP 8 & 12 weeks.  16 weeks do a titer.  1 year later – titer.  3 years later – titer.

Remember, start with only a few drops as oils are very concentrated.  Dilute with V6 or carrier oils and do a skin patch test.

Janet Hicks – animal communicator

http://nancybrandtdvm.com/       Book:  “First Aid with Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy”

http://www.drjodiesnaturalpets.com/      DVM

http://grassrootsessentialoils.com/           (dog trainer)

https://www.animalnaturopathy.org/      Offers classes on animal Naturopathy online

https://www.discoverlsp.com/                Animal Reference Book coming June 2017 Life Science Publishers

http://tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com/    Tawnya Bobst website




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Animal Essential Oils Conference

younglivinganimalconferenceUtah in April was not at all what I had expected.  Thirty degrees in the morning warming to a balmy fifty-seven is not fun when you are coming from Florida.   The Young Living Animal conference was held outdoors under a tent on the Lavender Farm grounds. I can appreciate what handlers go through at outdoor dog shows in cold weather. Nevertheless, the event proved to be worth every dime. With Holistic Veterinarians, researchers, dog trainers, animal behaviorist and a special guest appearance from Gary and Mary Young, the experience was and always is a life changer. The speakers, workshops, and testimonials made it an exceptional experience.

Once I have my notes together, I will hold a conference call to share what we learned along with typed notes. Please email me or PM for the date, time and call in information.  email Tantalite3@aol.com

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Gift Pouch for Sharing Essential Oils


I love this little gift pouch that I got for Christmas.  What a great way to gift someone with an oil.  Here are a couple of places that I found them for between $3 and $5.



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Amazing Diffusers for Essential Oils

The Plant Extracts diffusers have lights, timers and volume settings. Diffusing is a great way to deliver essential oils into the environment to support the respiratory system and emotions, purify the air, spread negative ions (like the ocean) and replace toxic chemical air fresheners. These diffusers can be set on intermittent timing to deliver the oils in the safest way possible.  I have had mine for years and if they do break, the company can repair them.

I am buying six or twelve depending on interest, so if you would like one at my cost… please email me or PM on Facebook.  At six, they run around $65 plus tax.

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Infrared Sauna and Eucalyptus

3597When you read books and the same recommendation keeps coming up, it may be time to take a second look. I read about the benefits of Infrared saunas from Suzanne Somers (author of Tox-Sick), Dr Amy Myers, Dr Mark Hyman MD, Dr David Minkoff, Ben Greenfield (fitness guru) and many others. The Mayo Clinic is using the Infrared sauna for heart patients.

Using Eucalyptus essential oil in the sauna can turn your sauna into a spa day experience. I like Eucalyptus  Blue oil and other tree oils are nice as well. Use oils sparingly as they are very concentrated. Wireless essential oil diffusers are available now. A glass spritzer bottle with distilled water and a few drops of oil is a nice way to introduce the oils into the sauna.

I enjoy reading in the sauna.  I am currently enjoying the wisdom of Dr Paul Pearsall. http://www.paulpearsall.com/info/about.html


For more info:



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Support Your Immune System

immupower3Worried about catching all the bugs that are going around?  When patients come in to the office that are sick, I use many products to support my immune system. I love the whole food vitamins called Master Formula, Ningxia Red, Life 9 Probiotics, Sulfurzyme, and the oil called Immupower.  I don’t love the smell of Immupower but it works for me. I put it on the bottom of my feet, put on socks and go to bed.  I have been exposed to so many things and so far (knock wood) have not been sick in years.

Diffusing the oils release negative ions (good ones like the ocean), disperses the oils into the environment as in nature, and helps purify the air from microbes. The tree oils are especially helpful for the respiratory system. In one of my classes for my aromatherapy certification, lemon oil was suggested to cut the duration of a cold in half. Apply the lemon oil to the chest and feet after a shower.  Some people will need to dilute the oils with a carrier oil like V6.  Thieves oil in the diffuser along with eucalyptus oil can be helpful.  Use a 1:3 ratio.  Less is more with oils so use sparingly.

To purchase products, go to http://www.youngliving.com and use member # 1034089.  A gift of a free essential oils desk reference will be mailed to anyone obtaining a premium wholesale account under my member #

Many blessings for a healthy and prosperous New Year.


Ingredients of Immupower oil:

Hyssop†, Mountain savory†, Cistus†, Camphor†, Frankincense†, Oregano†, Clove†, Cumin†, and Dorado azul†

†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

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