Why Rose Essential Oil? 320 MHz of Love

fresh-rose-1537405Rose essential oil has long been one of the most expensive oils as it takes 22 pounds of petals to produce 5 ML of oil, but the supportive health benefits are worth noting. Rose oil has been used to support the skin, emotions, and hormonal systems. Rose oil has the highest vibration of any oil at 320 MHz.  According to this excellent article (http://www.biospiritual-energy-healing.com/vibrational-frequency.html), the Human body starts the dis-ease process below 62 MHz.  Fear is a low vibration emotion while Love is a high vibration.

If you want to try Rose oil but don’t want to invest in single Rose oil, try Joy essential oil. Rose oil is one of the ingredients in the blend. I often put a drop on my heart. Rose Ointment also contains Rose Oil.

Add a drop of Rose to jojoba oil or other carrier oil to make a delightful moisture cream. Put a drop in distilled water (glass spray bottle) to make a body spritzer.  Put a drop in massage oil and rub your feet.

Check out the PubMed article on the science and research behind the benefits of Rose Oil.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3586833/


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2 Responses to Why Rose Essential Oil? 320 MHz of Love

  1. Amber says:

    I’m trying to find rose oil that is truly this kind of oil. Many reviews on Amazon say the oils smell like chemicals. Please add into the article where a person can buy the real thing that rate at 320. Thanks.

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