Green Smoothie Recipe

green-smoothie-e1420267513283Every morning I make a green smoothie for breakfast.  The recipe can be varied according to taste but I always include the greens to get those veggies in the diet. Protein powder is optional and so are the nuts. I think some source of fat is helpful to slow down the sugar absorption from the fruit. Nuts are a good source of fat or you can use coconut oil.

I like the Vita-Mix blender as I broke four other types before deciding that it would cost less in the end to have the professional blender. Lea Ann Anderson Savage is the Vitamix lady who can hook you up with a refurbish if you want to save some $ or go to her demos in your area for a discount.

Put your greens in the vitamix first (start with romaine, organic spinach or green leaf lettuce and you can progress to kale as it can be bitter).  Add some liquid (organic beef bone broth or distilled water), add your chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts (pecans or walnuts are yummy), protein powder (Young Living Slique, Pure protein complete, Balance Complete, or Jarrow Grass Fed Whey powder), Greens First powder,coconut flakes and some avocado.  Mix these ingredients until blended. Add frozen banana and some frozen berries and cherries.  If you are using kale, I would add some stevia (better stevia brand). Blend until smooth. Add a drop of Vitality orange, tangerine, nutmeg or lemon essential oil to change the flavor. Keep it simple in the beginning and use only the greens, fruit and nuts.   Enjoy!

For more recipes see the Vitamix Blender lady’s facebook page

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