Notes from Animal Conference


Young Living Animal Conference -Notes from April 2017

The Young Living Animal conference in Mona, Utah at the Lavender farm featured holistic Veterinarians, Animal Behaviorists, Animal trainers, Breeders and Researchers. Morning general sessions with expert speakers were followed by workshops in the afternoon.  I wasn’t able to attend all of the workshops, but here is some of the information that I gathered from the classes that I did attend.  This information is for education and not medical advise.

Life Science Publishers is coming out with a new Animal Reference Guide in June.

The speakers passionately shared their case studies and personal testimonials.  Feel free to email me if any of my notes need further explanation.

Dr Nancy Brandt DVM  suggested a process of self selection where she lets the animals choose their own oils. She puts the open bottles on the floor and lets the animal go to the oil that they like.

To get the last little bit of oils from the bottle, she suggests adding vodka to the bottle, soaking for 4-8 hours. Add the vodka/oil mix to a glass bottle with distilled water and use as a mister.  She sometimes uses a pendulum to choose oils.

Diffuse in the clinic:  ravintsara, myrtle, eucalyptus, citrus.  Diffuse in grooming room: Lavender, roman chamomile, valerian, vetiver, cedarwood, peace and calm oil.  Diffusing is very safe in cold water ultrasonic diffuers.

Loss of pet : sacred angel, sacred mountain, sacred frankincense, frankincense.

Find an oil that your nose likes.

Dr Jodie, author of “Live With Your Pet in Mind”, has valuable information on her website along with Youtube videos from Pet X Talks

She spoke on vaccinations and Kidney support.  Probiotics and gut health are important. Prebiotics – dark green leafy, berries, whole food vitamins, enzymes,inulin, chicory root, mushroom, FOS. Switch up your probiotics.  Phosphorus binds calcium. Feed warm food.  Add glandular, dandelion, parsley, cordyceps, uva ursi (see Young Living K & B), Essential oil of juniper, colostrum, vitamin D.  She suggested a book called “Silent Messages” and “Let Me See Your Body Talk” by Jan Hargrave.    Website and

One of the workshops featured a demonstration using the FEELINGS KIT oils on animals.  Handout available by request.  Check out this video too…

Acupressure — hold 2-3 minutes, ninety degrees to acupressure point.  Anyone can do acupressure.   Also see…

Suggested oils for emotional release:  idaho balsam fir, copahiba, Valor, Relieve it, northern lights black spruce, aromalife, release, transformation. Joy and Nutmeg on the adrenals. Spruce on the spine and bones. Cypress on the feet. Immupower for immune.

American Council of Animal Naturopathy- course online recommended by Vet techs.

Frankincense and lavender prior to surgery to reduce trauma. Peppermint aids in digestion.

Emotions stuck …. Liver.  Pancreas- lack of sweetness in life. Lung- grief.  Ligaments- connection to God. Intense emotions get trapped in the body. Clear your energy, clear the animals. Get people to breathe and release. Look at animal behavior to see what is going on with the people. Energy has to move. Dogs get scared- floods brain and neurons. Releases chemicals and hormones. Limbic system affected. Oils hold vibration and energy. We are electrical beings on energetic level.

Shots :  DHPP 8 & 12 weeks.  16 weeks do a titer.  1 year later – titer.  3 years later – titer.

Remember, start with only a few drops as oils are very concentrated.  Dilute with V6 or carrier oils and do a skin patch test.

Janet Hicks – animal communicator       Book:  “First Aid with Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy”      DVM           (dog trainer)      Offers classes on animal Naturopathy online                Animal Reference Book coming June 2017 Life Science Publishers    Tawnya Bobst website




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