Infrared Sauna and Eucalyptus

3597When you read books and the same recommendation keeps coming up, it may be time to take a second look. I read about the benefits of Infrared saunas from Suzanne Somers (author of Tox-Sick), Dr Amy Myers, Dr Mark Hyman MD, Dr David Minkoff, Ben Greenfield (fitness guru) and many others. The Mayo Clinic is using the Infrared sauna for heart patients.

Using Eucalyptus essential oil in the sauna can turn your sauna into a spa day experience. I like Eucalyptus  Blue oil and other tree oils are nice as well. Use oils sparingly as they are very concentrated. Wireless essential oil diffusers are available now. A glass spritzer bottle with distilled water and a few drops of oil is a nice way to introduce the oils into the sauna.

I enjoy reading in the sauna.  I am currently enjoying the wisdom of Dr Paul Pearsall.

For more info:

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