Detox? Is it necessary or safe?

5627The Detox Summit has been an education for me. We are exposed daily to many chemicals and heavy metals through the environment, food and skin care products. Since we can only limit our exposure, we have to try to remove the toxins through a regular detox program. In the Detox Summit, they offered many suggestions including pure water,organic foods, DIY cleaning and skin care products, Cyto-detox,cell phone radiation blockers,chelating supplements, oxygen therapy, coffee enemas and infrared saunas to name a few. They believe that toxins are driving most health problems in today’s world including the inability to lose weight.  “Fix the cell to get well”

In a 2010 Taiwan study,(see the Food Forensics book) they used orange and lemon peel to remove heavy metal ions including nickel and copper.  Orange and lemon essential oils are cold pressed from the peel. Organic or wild crafted,pesticide free essential oils are critical as the rind is exposed to the elements. Using oils with chemicals and solvents will defeat the purpose of helping you detox.  I take an enzyme supplement daily called Detoxzyme to support my body. Dr Eric Z spoke of using Valerian and Ginger mint essential oils for chelation.

Some of the presenters of the summit spoke on the importance of gut health and how toxins can leak into the gut even to the point of causing auto-immune dis-ease. GMO foods have been linked to leaky gut. The summit suggested probiotics and organic foods to support the gut.

I have been enjoying the benefits of the infrared sauna two or three times a week. I met a lady in the sauna that works at the health food store. She said that replenishing the minerals and electrolytes in the body after the sauna treatment is crucial. She said that RO and distilled water is dead water. She adds minerals to her water daily and electrolytes after the sauna therapy. She had attended the hippocrates institute for three weeks and they had the saunas in each room.  Most tap water is reclaimed and treated with chemicals.

If you would like to try the new Vitality Orange essential oil (labeled for ingestion), go to



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