Animal Tips from Convention

young-living-animal-scents-care-collection-essential-oilsHere are some of the highlights from the animal lecture at convention. None of this is to be used as medical advise but as sharing information.

Young Living now has a Veterinary Advisory council. Meet the Doctors here:

The new Vitality line of essential oils was mentioned intended for dietary supplement and culinary use.  Here are my notes:

Mineral essence- add a drop to the food. Taste is bad so you can put in capsule.

K&B tincture- look at what is going on in the house if the animal is urinating on the rugs.

Wolfberries (in Ningxia Red) good for all animals

Lavender- a little is calming but a lot is energizing. Put Lavender on the blaze of a horse.

Peace and Calm – thunderstorms
Peppermint Vitality- food, water, cool down. Always offer plain water too.

TummyGize for tiny dogs or spearmint

Thieves vitality- tiny bit in dog food once a week for oral health or the week before a show. Diffuse it.

Purification on bedding. Diffuse or make a spray. Diffuse thieves,lemon, purification. 1 to 2 drops purification on cotton ball and rub around and inside the ear. Don’t get it in the ear canal.  Rub on animal before going outside to repel bugs.

Repelaroma- keeps bugs away.

DiGize vitality get pups ready for car rides. Ok for cats. Good for when changing food. 1 drop on Cat tummy once a week for hairballs.

ParaGize digestive balance

Gentle Baby for dogs, cats birthing. Good for skin. Alternative to Peace and Calm.

RC or Raven on animals front legs, inside prior to competition.

Add Frankincense to RC in diffuser for lungs/grief

Stress Away for abandoned or abused, emotional connection

Diffuse Reconnect kit.  Valor and Valor II for courage. Trauma life, T away. Diffuse. Transition to new opening to that which no longer serves. Trauma life on the back of the neck or ears.

Grounding- bring back to earth. Sternum. Pet. For transport.

Harmony- new animals into a pack or herd

Raindrop for long back dogs. Aroma seize, orthoease or orthosport to maintain crest of Mane.
Competition- Highest potential, gathering. Ningxia red 2 or 3 X a day.  Copahiba, Balsam Fir on legs. Valor on brainstem. Sacred Frank on forehead. Powermeal.

Tender tush on long hair dogs. Animal scents on pads.

Animal scents shampoo has the proper PH. Dilute with bath and shower base OR use Bath and Shower base and add oils to make your own shampoo.

Thieves household cleaner for groomers, cages, kennels.

Dentarome Plus to brush teeth. Tiny amount. Never use xylitol on dogs.
Make your own First Aid Kit.     or





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