Vacation Trip Revelations


(Young Living Lavender farm at Mona, Utah)

I was made to wonder if the Universe was trying to tell me to stay home before I left for vacation. When I first heard that we were going to be closed for vacation on the week of the Young Living convention, I felt like it was an omen to sign up. After I booked the flight and paid the convention fee, I found out that we were going to be closed the week before July 4th not the week of convention. OMG. First screw up. After my fence blew down, my car starter died, my pet sitter was still in West Virginia, and Dr Joan got sick and wasn’t going to join us, I was ready to say forget it. I am glad that I pushed threw the obstacles and went anyway.  I had been trying to get my house paid for so I put off any travels for a number of years (except day trips in Florida). My house was paid off in June so I proceeded to plan for a trip to Utah. Preparation for the trip was time consuming and laborious as all dogs need washed and trimmed and I had to make sure the pet sitter knew the routine.  The fence got fixed (thank you Jim) and the car repaired (thank you James Connor) and the pet sitter made it back in time and Dr Joan transferred the room to our name.

Miss Judy and I went to her sister’s house to sleep on Monday night in preparation for an early Tuesday flight. Six hours later, we were on our way.  We arrived in Utah and went to the Little America Hotel. It was gorgeous and plush. (not like the Motel six when I was showing dogs every week) The hotel across the street was the Five Star hotel that was built for the Olympics.  A car was not needed as the Utah Transit was a block from the hotel and it went all around the town for free. City buses cost $1.25. We parked our things in the room and caught the train to downtown.  Lunch at the Lambs Grill (established 1919) was fabulous. We went to a darling organic bakery called Eva’s and then to Harmon’s grocery. Harmon’s was an experience with lots of organic food, hot bars, etc.  Next to visit the Red Butte Botanical gardens at the top of the hill at the University of Utah.  We took the bus to Utah University and got let out at the bottom of the hill. Climbing up the steep road in 90 degree weather, I thought Miss Judy was going to kill me as she never exercises. It was really hot and she was not happy. Don’t believe Utah has dry heat. It is still HOT.  She loves plants so once we made it to the top and she saw the beautiful gardens, she got over being pissed.  The gardens were lush and gorgeous. After our tour of the gardens, we had to walk down the hill. She said she was going to have a heart attack. (After three days of Tawnya’s boot camp, she felt the rusty joints loosen) We went to Temple Square and walked around the museum and got a photo of Judy with a statue of Joseph Smith (she said she was looking for a Mormon husband).  The sisters were so nice and helpful. They told us about a free concert of the Mormon Tabernacle choir. The choir was practicing before leaving for a tour.  Their clothes had already been shipped to Europe so they were in street clothes. The acoustics in the building were amazing. The sisters told us to check out the free family search service in the Joseph Smith building. That was one of the best parts of the trip. There was a computer center where you could research your “pedigree” to learn about your ancestors. They also gave us  a website to find out if we were related to movie stars, royalty or gangsters. We toured the Joseph Smith house- Beehive house and the Lions Gate eatery. We did some shopping and ended up back in the room to plan our next adventure. We went to the Visitor center for information. Judy wanted to see the Great Salt Lake so we found a tour with a young guy from the Great Salt Lake tour company.   He said he was a chef to the stars and made his first million (maybe he was full of it but he had a great personality so made for a great guide for $40)  He took us to the lake to experience the brine shrimp and the salty water. The view was spectacular. The other tour service wanted $180 to take us to Park City. We decided to join the locals and to go Park City on the $5 bus. The locals say that things are close and only a few blocks away. The blocks must be a half mile each. We had to walk to the bus stop to catch the 4:28 to Park City. We made it at 4:27. Once again, Miss Judy said she was going to kill me if we had missed it. We boarded the bus and found out that we had no way back to Salt Lake City unless we got a cab.  Dave, the bus driver, said that some people from Europe had been stuck in Park City and had to pay $1000 to get a ride back to Salt Lake. I asked Dave if we could just stay on the bus for the round trip.  Of course, he said.  Watching Dave interact with his local clients was so heartwarming. He was a dear soul that shared his journey of caring for his daughter for six years with cancer and her passing. The locals loved him and his interactions with them made you feel his loving kindness. I got the feeling that his wife had left him and he found a purpose with his bus riders.  I will never forget him.

Day three found Miss Judy cranky about her hips. We went to workshops in the afternoon to learn about essential oils topics such as Beauty, Animals, Toxins in the home (there is an outdated law on the books called TSCA. The government only intervenes once a chemical has been found to be toxic), emotional transformations and the FDA approved products. Marcella Vonn Harting did a workshop on “Finding Your Why“. She said that if someone is driving you crazy or you can’t stand being around them to find out their why.

We went to the Expo hall to try out the products. 20,000 people going up and down the escalators burned up the motor. Scary. Young Living has grown so much that they had to do the general sessions in the giant Arena. Workshops were only available if you signed up ahead of time. On Friday, we went to the Farm in Mona Utah. Lavender fields formed a labyrinth. We toured the distillery where we see that Gary Young found a way to distill the plants with water only. He was told early on that he would have to use chemicals but he refused. He wanted his plant essential oils pure without solvents. It costs him a lot of money to maintain the distillers but he figured out a way to do it. We have the SEED to SEAL guarantee of purity.  We shopped the Gift store where the RAINSTONE diffuser was blowing out essential oils in the gift store. It runs for eight hours and has a remote. I definitely want one of those. It was handmade from purple clay and so attractive. The food at the picnic was beyond amazing. I sat down across from a man who handed me a brochure on a product that he was selling.  I was ready to throw the paper out when I turned it over to discover INFRARED products. Wow, this was no coincidence. I was meant to meet this guy.  I had been thinking of trying the Infrared Sauna at the South Beach gym and this man was selling products that you could use at home. How was this possible?  I had read about Infrared health benefits over and over again from holistic cardiologists.  He had mattresses, pillows and belts that emitted the infrared. The belt sounded interesting because it would target belly fat (the dangerous kind).

Friday night we bought tickets to the Improv Show in town. The theater was as old and nasty as the last time that I was there. The curtains tattered and in shreds. The chairs broken and dirty. Judy held her feet up hoping to avoid vermin. Tickets $9.  Luckily, the actors were young, fresh, and funny. The MC was a Jerry Seinfeld want to be. He would pick a theme and point to the actor when it was their time to take over the conversation. One actor would start and the next would take over so you never knew what they were going to say. It was refreshing that they had a no vulgarity policy and reserved the right to excuse you from the show if you said ugly words. (I found an Improv show in Melbourne that I am going to check out soon.)

I checked my email while I was away and had 598 in the in box. I wanted to cry. When I realized how much time I spend deleting messages that I don’t even want, I started to unsubscribe to 98% of them. I realized how important and precious my time is and how I don’t want to spend it deleting messages or looking at them. Playing with the dogs, vacations,spending time with friends, practicing Yoga, and time in Nature is what will restore me. Not spending time in front of the EMF generator. Sitting outside under the trees is like a Prozac for me. There was a study about a boy and his dog and how they got into the same heart rhythm just by being in each others presence and holding love for one another.

Saturday was the last day of workshops.  Saturday morning was breakfast at our favorite spot, the Little America cafe. The newspaper headlines revealed “Delta Pilots Picketing at SLC airport”. OMG.  We were going home on Delta that night on the red eye with a 30 minute window to change planes in Atlanta. I called Delta and left message (I am sure their switchboards were bombarded). When they called back, I asked if we were going to have a problem. She said that we already missed our flight the night before and that we had read the day and time wrong. We were scheduled on the Saturday 1:55 AM flight and that was passed.  Luckily, we had booked through the Delta convention desk and the lady had been told that we were at convention through Saturday evening. She messed up and we didn’t catch it.  The reservation lady booked us on a flight at 10:50 Saturday night with non-stop so we lucked out. When we go the airport, Judy had left her big shampoo and hair gels in the carry on so she had to try to go back and put it in her checked baggage.  I waited on her to do that and overheard the pilot say that we were scheduled to head to through bad storms and he wanted to know if there was a flight path around it.  I messaged my friend, Cynthia, that if I didn’t make it to please find the poodles good homes. What else, right???

We landed safely in Orlando without incidence and Judy’s sister was kind enough to pick us up.

I got home and the pet sitter had seen a snake, freaked out and hit the electric pole. She had cranked the AC down to 73 degrees and the AC was frozen up. The dogs were in fabulous form. Fat, calm and happy. She sits and holds them the entire time that I am away. Nothing else is as important as their well being.  AC is fixed ($500 ouch) and the pole has splinters but oh well. I was back to work on Tuesday for some cleaning patients.  We are off the rest of the week until after the 4th. Daily Yoga practices, Infrared sauna treatments and watching Miranda on YouTUBE are bringing me much joy.  I can’t remember when I laughed so much. Quoting Ilene Gottlieb… “Everything happens as it is meant to be, in the perfect time.” I am beginning to believe that.  Stressing over and worrying about things only makes you lose your present moments.  I need  PRESENT TIME essential oil.  If you stay focused in the time that is now, enjoy your moments and not live in the past or future, it always works out. I loved the book by Colin Tippings about Radical Forgiveness.  Such profound wisdom. He talks about how we are given the parents that we have to learn our lessons on earth. Some people have it easier than others. My journey has not been an easy one but I wake up every day now with Gratitude.  I know that things will work out for my highest good as long as I serve others and try to bring them joy.

Many blessings to Ilene Gottlieb RN and Dr Joan Barice MD for being there for me.

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  1. Carol Bokinz says:

    Sounds like you had a super trip, glad you are back safe and sound.

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