Transforming Emotions

Young Living Logo_1Gary Young spoke at convention on transforming emotions with essential oils. He said that you can use emotions to drive you to success or to death.  He created every blend for a need and never for profit. He created the FEELINGS collection of oils to support emotional well being.  He announced that we now have OTC products with FDA approval.

He spoke about the heart and how it has the strongest electrical field. Information is stored in the heart and affects all the organs of the body.  Negative emotions can increase the risk of heart problems and can affect the rhythm of the heart.  He said being in love was wonderful for the heart.  Aroma Life was created to support the heart.

Here are a few suggestions that he had on using the oils to support emotional health:

Acceptance oil to get going. Accept, embrace and Release the issue. Gratitude oil. Use Morning Start shower gel with Release oil. Surrender oil in the diffuser and Release in the tub. ( I put oils in Epsom salt and add them to the water after I get in the tub) Common sense oil to help drive your emotions. The frequency of oils help to stimulate action. “Life is behavior and belief. God gave you the power to adapt”.  Clarity at night while you sleep. Diffuse it to know how to change patterns of behavior. Forgiveness can be needed to change family patterns. Behavior patterns encoded in the DNA. Emotional energy can have physical manifestations. For motivation, Clarity and Believe on your pillow and feet. Pay attention to your talk. Present Time helps you stay in control. God resides with you.  Harmony when you wrestle with your mind. For mind games of insecurity… Harmony, Brain Power, Clarity, Valor (back in stock as soon as they can harvest). Spiritual disharmony can cause a disconnect that can be caused by negative people and the environment. Frankincense– grow with your connection to Spirit. Place a drop on your head, back of neck and massage into the scalp before bed.

5331The Young Living Rainstone diffuser runs for eight hours with a remote control. You can get it free with a premium starter kit. Handmade from purple clay. Negative ionizer.

To get your diffuser and oils wholesale, use this link:

Stay forward focused.

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