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I met a new friend yesterday that was struggling with anxiety and pre-diabetes. She had already spent a lot of money on treatments that didn’t help her.  There are  many alternative health MD’s, authors and programs through PBS, the library, Hay House and Sounds True online summits. I love to learn about alternative treatments that don’t use pharmacy drugs.  I am happy to share these resources.

Dr Mark Hyman MD – The Blood Sugar Solution author,  current PBS special on Eat Fat, Get Thin.  Weekly video house calls though his website,

Dr Daniel Amen- best selling author, PBS special  On the Psychiatrist Couch.  Books include Change Your Brain, Change Your Body and Unleash the Power of the Female Brain

Dr Joel Fuhrman-  Eat to Live on PBS, author of  The End of Diabetes.

Dr KellyAnn Petrucci- The Bone Broth Diet,   PBS Special  21 Days to a Slimmer You

Lavender, Stress-Away and Rutavala roll-on along with deep breathing have helped me lower stress.

Stress is a factor in many dis-eases.  Meditation may help. One of the most powerful ones that I recently had the privilege to experience was with Lama Tsultrim Allione.  Check out her video on Feeding Your Demons    


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