HeartMath for Anxiety,Sleep,Depression…

hm-fb-sqHeartMath is a company that helps people incorporate the heart’s intelligence into their daily lives to reduce stress and build resilience. Their research indicates that in just six weeks people are experiencing a reduction in anxiety, depression, fatigue, and other stress related problems.  Better sleep and increased focus are other benefits.  All of these positive outcomes occur without medication.  Since I have been using the technology, I have had better sleep,better focus and lower blood pressure.  I put a drop of neroli or Joy essential oil on my heart and practice the emWave2 device for five minutes a day.  Other oils that can help support the heart are rose, lavender,geranium and vetiver. The association with a smell could be a trigger for stress reduction.  The HeartMath sensor (iphone has a free download) shows you when your heart is in the proper balance by a green light indicator. It is fun and easy to use.  With the device, your heart and nervous system begin to become properly aligned with a multitude of benefits. Research can be viewed at http://www.heartmath.org

I feel so fortunate to be training with HeartMath to be a coach.  I will be able to offer help to those who need assistance with the devices and general information on how HeartMath can help you.  Until I become a certified coach, I will be happy to offer free guidance on the devices and also to extend my discount to anyone that would like one. Please feel free to contact me for more information.  I believe so strongly in the benefits of this program.

http://www.heartmath.com  for more information on the technology.  Contact me at Tantalite3@aol.com  or  321 254 0375.




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