The Allergy Solution by Dr Galland MD

512clsKuh4L._SX357_BO1,204,203,200_Dr Leo Galland MD speaks about allergies and how to reverse them in the Hay House World Summit. He offered some highlights of the book in the interview. Some of the tips that he shared include:

  1. Clean up your home environment. Get rid of synthetic chemicals, sprays, disinfectants, febreeze, plug-ins, dryer sheets,triclosan,etc.  He said that these chemicals are making our immune system go haywire and damage the protective mucous lining of our lungs. He suggested vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. I love the Thieves household cleaner. He referred to a study from the University of Washington. They put synthetic dryer sheets in the dryer and tested the exhaust coming from the vent.  The chemicals released were considered EPA hazardous.  Why not wet a washcloth and put lavender oil on it as a dryer sheet?    He said that using a disinfecting household cleaner once a week was contributing to asthma.  Tricolsan is a chemical that is being linked to increase of MRSA. He said it is toxic to humans and the environment including the waterways.  (Diffuse essential oils to freshen your living space. I love the plant extracts diffuser as they have a timer and can be repaired)
  2. Eat local organic foods. Fix your gut bacteria with probiotics and fermented foods. Drink Oolong tea (Young Living’s Slique tea)  He said Oolong was the only one that helps the immune system.  Black or green tea is not the same.
  3. Do a detox. He tells you how in the book.  (I like epsom salt bath with Essential oils)
  4. De-stress. He said that meditation is not for everyone but you can do a moving meditation like yoga, dancing, walking,etc.  (My new favorite is HeartMath)
  5. Avoid antibiotics.
  6. Read his book….
  7. Go to  to listen to the interview while it is free…
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