What is HeartMath?   HeartMath (www.heartmath.com) is a company that has been helping people for over twenty years. Documented research and science back up their technology to bring people  into “coherence”.  What does that mean?  Check out the diagram below comparing heart rate when stressed and normal:


The heart/brain/body connections are real and HeartMath has the research proving that our emotions can effect our physiology.

Ilene Gottlieb, RN,”The Heart Healer” told me about HeartMath years ago.  Dr Patricia Fitzgerald and Dr Joel Kahn (cardiologist) also recommended HeartMath. After reading Dr Kahn’s book, Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses, I was convinced. HeartMath is a viable option for those who want to improve their well-being.  From their website:

Improvements in mental & emotional well-being in over 5,500 people in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:

24% improvement in the ability to focus
25% improvement in listening ability
30% improvement in sleep
46% drop in anxiety
50% drop in fatigue
60% drop in depression

HeartMath scientifically monitors your emotional and physical health — and helps you improve it.

I have joined the HeartMath licensed mentor/coach training program so that I can assist people with the HeartMath products.  I start the training in April. I feel very excited about this new venture. The Mind/body connection is powerful and this company has the science to back it up.  I am looking forward to mentoring clients in the near future.  The training requires two volunteers so please contact me if you are interested. I will know the client requirements as my training progresses.  Tantalite3@aol.com

Here is to your heart health with many blessings.


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