Seeking Answers

detoxzymeIn searching for non-pharmaceutical answers to health concerns, I have been fortunate to find many MD’s that have written books on the subject. Most recently, I found books by Dr Sherry Rogers, MD. She believes and documents how supporting the body with supplements, exercise and mindfulness can allow it to heal.  An headache is not an aspiring deficiency.  I have many dental patients that are on three BP medicines. The dry mouth is wrecking their teeth.

Dr Rogers believes that many dis-eases are a result of our bodies absorbing and holding  toxins in our fat cells. (toxins go to the fat cells to protect the organs)  She shares ways to detox.  Many amino acids (protein building blocks) are mentioned.  Also look for the book, “The Detox Solution” by Dr Patricia Fitzgerald.  I take Young Living’s Detoxzyme nightly.

In Dr Rogers book, “Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?”, she asks why cardiologists don’t test patients for nutrient deficiencies to see which ones should be added to support the heart.  A Cardio Ion panel looks for levels of Vitamin D, CoQ10,Fibrinogen, Vitamin E, EPA and DHA,and RBC Magnesium.

Dr Rogers books can be purchases at

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