Thieves Household Cleaner

thievescleaner_origThieves household cleaner is a plant based, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product with multiple uses. Not only does it smell delicious, it is a powerful cleaner.  I put a capful in my front end load washer and have never had to use the bleach cleaner.  There is no mold in my washer and the clothes come out smelling clean and fresh.  It is highly concentrated so it is very affordable.  Safe for use around animals.  In the Animal Intensive course that I took, the  Veterinarian said her  child accidentally drank some of it and was fine!   Synthetic chemicals are absorbed through the skin and lungs, ending up in the blood stream.  Febreeze, Glade Plug-ins and Swifter chemicals are not healthy for our pets.
Here are some uses for the Thieves cleaner:  toilets, tubs, floors, grout, baby toys, mildew, mold, glass, laundry stains, dishwasher detergent, degreaser, kitchen counter-tops, additive to dog shampoo to deter pests, DIY foaming hand soap,exercise equipment, refrigerators,pots and pans, carpet/upholstery cleaning (spot test), garbage cans, furniture polish (with olive oil), fruit and veggie wash.  For more ideas check out the Young Living blog:


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