Tree Oils for Respiratory Support

With cold and flu season upon us, it might be a good idea to support our immune and respiratory systems as a preventative measure.  Essential oils used with a diffuser is an excellent way to deliver the oils into the air.  Safe enough for baby birds, the conifer and eucalyptus tree oils can aid the lungs and respiratory system. Since trees are an inverse hologram of our lungs, nature has provided us with their oils to help with breathing and clearing congestion.  David Crow of Floracopeia oils said that it is his opinion that tree oils are more effective than antibiotics for the lungs. I took his Aromatherapy Certification class and it was intensive. This home study course looks like it would be excellent.   Watch this short video: 
I have used thieves and eucalyptus blue in a 1:3 ratio in the Plant extracts diffuser.  I think it is important to have a diffuser with a timer that shuts on and off at intervals.  I place a drop of immupower on the bottom of my feet when I feel like I am coming down with a bug.  I take Life 5 probiotics nightly to support my gut health as research is finding that good gut bacteria is important for the immune system.  Adding probiotics  after finishing antibiotics can help to restore good bacteria that was destroyed with the medication.

Young Living offers a free diffuser when purchasing the Premium Starter kit at

or purchase from

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