Emotion Essential Oils- The Feelings Collection for Emotional Balance

feelingsThe Feelings Collection of essential oil blends was formulated to help with emotional balancing.  The following information came from the Young living blog post:

Feelings Kit Allows New Beginnings

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Young Living has some amazing essential oil collections. One that is Gary Young’s favorite is Feelings. Gary found that these six essential oil blends lift the senses above negativity and move one forward despite painful memories.

The blends inside Feelings are Valor®, Harmony™, Forgiveness™, Inner Child™, Release™, and Present Time™. You may have tried these oils individually, but not together as prescribed in the Feelings regimen. Feelings shows you where to apply these oils for harmonic balance. Applying the Feelings oils is easy: Apply Valor to the feet, Harmony to a preferred chakra point, Forgiveness to the navel, Present Time behind the ears, Release over the liver, Inner Child under the nose, and Valor one more time on the feet (check out the Product Information Page).

Listen to you your body as the oils are applied. Application may take up to two hours as part of meditation.

Listen here to Gary talk about the Feelings Kit.

I would love to hear your testimony of using the Feelings essential oil blends.

—Toby Palmer
Product Manager, Essential Oils

For more information:


To obtain at up to 44% below retail:  http://www.tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com

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