Ancient Wheat Health Benefits

einkornpancakeReading “Wheat Belly” by Dr William Davis was a real eye opener for me.  I had seen him interviewed on the Dr Oz show but didn’t really pay attention until Brenda Watson CNC recommended reading his book.  All I can say is WOW.  He wrote about many health problems linked to modern GMO wheat including celiac, leaky gut, IBS and obesity.  He was diabetic and overweight before he gave up modern wheat. He said that modern wheat made him violently ill along with making his blood sugar spike.  He experimented with modern wheat and Einkorn (ancient wheat) by eating each one and testing his blood sugar afterwards. The first day he ate Einkorn and had no ill effects.  His blood sugar response was normal after eating it.  The next day he ate the modern wheat and got diarrhea, brain fog, and high spikes in blood sugar levels.  He said that he removed ALL modern wheat from his diet.  He lost weight, felt great and resolved the diabetes. He is helping his patients to better health with his findings.

Gary Young (Young Living founder) is a true visionary.  He made a cassette years ago on enzymes,nutrition and gut health.  I was so impressed listening to this forward thinking about leaky gut, food as medicine,probiotics and enzymes.  He knew early on about the benefits of einkorn wheat and began growing it for his members. He now offers pancake, waffle mix and spaghetti made with the ancient wheat.  Check out his blog for more information on ancient wheat and wonderful recipes.

D.Gary Young’s book, “Ancient Einkorn, Today’s Staff of Life” is an important source of nutritional information.

Einkorn cookbook:

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