Life 5 Probiotics

3099With gut bacteria being all the buzz lately, I wanted to learn more. Brenda Watson,CNC, in her PBS special talks about how important the right gut bacteria is for maintaining health, immunity, brain function, and weight.  With antibiotic use, good and bad bacteria are destroyed and that sets us up for problems. She said that taking a daily probiotic along with fiber can support gut health. She suggested a time release formula (Life 5 is time released) so that it can get to the colon where it needs to be.  She said that the two most important strains are Lactobacillus and B. Bifidum.  Life 5 has these and more to equal eight billion live cultures.  At around $25 for a month supply, it is a bargain.  See below for more info.  Refrigerate after opening.


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