Whole Food Vitamins recommended by Dr Joel Kahn, Preventive Cardiologist

natural-heart-remediesDr Joel Kahn, MD, author of “Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses,” and “The Whole Heart Solution,” recommends supplements made from whole foods.   This brilliant author and professor of Medicine at Wayne State says that some varieties are more effective than others.   He believes that supplements are essential because our soils are depleted of essential nutrients, vitamin absorption decreases as we age, RDA’s are to low for optimal functioning of cells, medicines deplete the body of vitamins and minerals, antibiotics in the food wipe out gut flora needed for nutrient absorption, and we don’t always eat healthy.

Whole food vitamins (made from food) are the best form as the body absorbs a larger percentage. Many store bought multivitamins are derived from synthetics (petrochemicals) and contain phthalates (endocrine disruptors).

Young Living’s TRUE SOURCE whole food vitamins are food based nutrition made from the whole plant containing co-enzymes and co-factors.  At around $1 a day, they are very affordable.    Check out http://www.tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com/nutrition.html

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