Ancient Whole Grain Pancakes- True Grit Einkorn

5300True Grit pancake and waffle mix contains ancient grains (not GMO, bleached or hybridized) that are naturally extremely low in gluten.  In Dr William Davis’ book, “Wheat Belly”, he says that GMO wheat is triggering numerous problems including belly fat, digestive disturbances,auto-immune diseases, MS and arthritis.  Many gluten free products add sugar and trans fat to make it palatable.  True Grit is chemical free and delicious.

For a fun gathering, try a pancake breakfast with True Grit.  Make pancakes with pecans, blueberries or walnuts added once the pancakes start to bubble.  We used coconut oil to cook the cakes and topped them with Ningxia Berry Syrup and strawberries.  It was a huge hit.  I am going to experiment with the flour to make cobblers, cakes, quiche crust and cookies.

Tara (Healthy Habit Coach) shares recipes:

In the book, “The Whole Heart Solution,” Dr Joel Kahn, MD, says that ancient wheat (Einkorn) has a simple genetic makeup and that humans evolved on this type of wheat.  He says that today’s wheat (triticum), a result of experimental breeding, may irritate the GI tract, increase inflammation, and lead to leaky gut.  Leaky gut can result in toxins, partially digested food, and other GI contents to seep into the bloodstream.

If you’d like to have more information on where to find the Einkorn Pancake and Waffle mix, email me at

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