The Fear Cure by Dr Lissa Rankin MD

lissaI would like to share a short piece from Dr Lissa Rankin’s new book, “The Fear Cure,” one of several books that Lissa writes on the power of Mind/Body medicine and how our thoughts can affect our bodies.  Dr Rankin writes:  “Living in a purposeful universe allows you to come into right relationship with uncertainty because now, instead of viewing uncertainty with suspicion or fear, you can be at peace in the face of the unknown. Instead of guarding against loss, you can trust that even loss has a purpose, even if you don’t know exactly what it is.

Once you begin to trust in this way, you’ll find that false fear, while it still may show up, no longer rules your life. Instead of panicking when you lose your job, you trust that the perfect job will appear in the perfect timing. Instead of clinging to a love affair when it’s ending, you trust that the dissolution of the relationship is a sign that  a healthier happier relationship is on the way…..

Living in a purposeful universe means that you have faith in a guiding force that is navigating life with you. You know that you are not alone, and this inner knowing offers protection against fear”.

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Inhaling essential oils have been used to alleviate stress and emotional trauma.   (

Frankincense has been used since ancient times to aid in spiritual and religious practices. Try diffusing or direct palm inhalation to experience the relaxing benefits of this ancient healing oil.

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