Ginger essential oil has many uses

3557Ginger essential oil has been a first choice to use for my dogs with nausea or vomiting. Dr John Douillard wrote an article on all the benefits of ginger, including motion sickness,inflammation, healthy colon cell support and cell replication.

Here are his recipes:

My Two Favorite Ginger Recipes for Digestion:
1. Ginger Pizzas – slice some ginger root into dime size slices. Spread them out on a plate and sprinkle them with salt and fresh lemon juice. Chew on one or two before meals to boost digestive strength. Store in the fridge until meal time.

2. Ginger & Honey Paste – Squeeze some ginger in a garlic press and save the juice. Mix equal parts of the ginger juice with raw honey and add a pinch of salt. Take 1 tbsp before meals to fire up your digestive furnace (increase stomach acid production). Store in the fridge until meal time.

* Ginger can thin the blood so use caution if you are on blood thinners.

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