“Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare” by Dr Jane Buckle *

393Jane Buckle, PhD, RN, AIA Member, has a new book coming out in December. This is very exciting and Dr. Oz wrote the Forward.
Enhance patient care with the help of aromatherapy! Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare is the first and only peer-reviewed clinical aromatherapy book in the world. Each chapter is written by a PhD nurse with post-doctoral training in research and then peer reviewed by named experts in their field. This clinical text is the must-have resource for learning how to effectively incorporate aromatherapy into clinical practice. This new third edition takes a holistic approach as it examines key facts and topical issues in aromatherapy practice and applies them within a variety of contexts and conditions. This edition also features updated information on aromatherapy treatments, aromatherapy organizations, essential oil providers, and more to ensure you are fully equipped to provide patients with the best complementary therapy available.

Thank you Jane for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us, we appreciate all that you do.

* This article courtesy of Alliance of International Aromatherapist

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One Response to “Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare” by Dr Jane Buckle *

  1. nightingale5 says:

    Tawnya, Jane Buckle was the instructor for the first class i attended in aromatherapy back in th ’90’s. She also created a certification for the American Holistic Nurse’s Association years ago. Her wealth of knowledge and delightful teaching style were very much appreciated. Thank you for posting this information. Blessings of gratitude – Ilene, The Heart Healer

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