OmegaGize with Heart Healthy Nutrients

OmegaGize_CMYK_USA_webDr Steven Masley, author of “The 30 Day Heart Tune Up”, in his PBS special on heart health recommends these nutrients to support the heart:

1. Multivitamin (I take True Source whole food         vitamins)

2. Magnesium- choose Malate and Lysinate

3. Fish Oil  (Dr Masley says that rancid fish oil is toxic so chose a good quality)

4. Fiber – beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits.  30 grams a day

5. Vitamin K & D

OmegaGize has Vitamin D, CoQ10, fish oil from pure pristine waters naturally preserved with essential oils.   Dr Masley said that fish oil improves blood sugar, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of sudden cardiac death, and helps with brain health. Dr Masley recommends omitting two foods: trans-fats and refined carbohydrates. He recommends adding: fiber, healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, seafood, avocado, dark chocolate, and seeds), lean protein, garlic, curry, exercise, and beneficial beverages like tea, and smoothies with berries, chia seeds, protein powder and almond milk. One glass of red wine daily and two cups of coffee are acceptable. Avoid fruit juices as they have no fiber.  Watch his PBS special and read the book for more details. His website is

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