Aromatherapy Bath Recipes According to Season

bathtubIn her book, “Fat Flush For Life”, Ann Louise Gittleman, recommends taking a twenty minute Aromatherapy bath three times a week. She outlines recipes for the essential oils to use in the bath according to the season.  Here are her suggestions:

Spring:  I suggest such oils as Cyprus, which restores skin tone and strengthens weak connective tissue; Orange, which stimulates circulation and continues to help lymphatic flow; and Clary Sage which supports endocrine function and helps remove fluid from tissues. You might also try:

Rosemary- regenerating, restorative, and detoxifying

Lemon- improves clarity of mind and disinfects. (You can put a few drops in a spray bottle and spray the house for an uplifting, clean scent).

Juniper- promotes toxic waste elimination

Lavender- calming and regenerative

You may also apply aromatherapy to the soles of your feet in 2 teaspoons of carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil, for a detox boost first thing in the morning.

In Summer, soak up the power of aromatherapy baths with lymph-friendly essential oils that also restore cardiovascular harmony and ease digestion:
Juniper- promotes the elimination of toxic waste and reduces fluid retention.

Lemongrass- tones and strengthens connective tissues and stimulates lymphatic drainage, purges excess fluid from your system.

Grapefruit- antimicrobial,helps dissolve fatty deposits, tones and tightens.

Rose- tones the heart, reduces palpitations,helps circulation

Fennel- staves off cramps and relieves constipation due to anethole, which is an aromatic component of antispasmodic effects

Peppermint- alleviates flatulence, bloating, and upset stomach

Chamomile- calming, quieting, soothing

Autumn: Soak up the power of aromatherapy three times a week for twenty minutes by bathing or breathing in essential oils such as cedarwood, eucalyptus,and myrrh (10 drops in bath, 5 drops in diffuser,or one drop on a tissue held in front of your nose for a minute or two):

Cedarwood- fortifies and strengthens the lungs, promotes improved sleep

Eucalyptus- relieves sinus pressure due to inflammation or infection and clears histamines

Myrrh- reduces mucus in the intestinal tract and in the lungs


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