Iodine, A Necessary Nutrient

Dr Guy Abraham,MD, former professor of Endocrinology, is a leading expert on Iodine and the thyroid. He is the author of “The Iodine Project” and has studied iodine therapy in over 4000 people. He reported tremendous results from people when they reached whole body iodine sufficiency. Some of the benefits include liver detoxificiation, control of diabetes and high blood pressure, reduced rates of cancer of the breast and thyroid, better heart function including reduction of arrhythmias, better brain function, obesity reversal and improved menopausal symptoms.

Most MD’s don’t test for iodine deficiency so it can be overlooked. My routine lab test results were normal but when Dr Beck of Beck Natural Medicine tested my iodine levels, I failed.  She also tested me for heavy metals as they can interfere with your biochemistry.   Years of fluoride, bromide and chlorine had done a number on my  iodine levels so I am very grateful to her that she knew what to test for.   I was afraid to take iodine as I had reacted to shellfish but Dr Beck said that the shellfish protein is different from the iodine supplement.

Foods high in iodine are: seaweed, kelp, kale, broccoli, cabbage,brussels sprouts, turnips and kohlrabi.  Young Living’s Multi-Greens contain kelp. Young Living’s Thyromin and True Source Whole Food Multi-vitamins contains iodine.






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