Allergy relief

SneezeFor seasonal allergies, there are several natural approaches to consider.  Combining Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint (3 drops of each) and diffusing, applying topically, or taking in a capsule with coconut oil or olive oil can provide symptom relief. Capsules should not be taken on an empty stomach.  For inflammation, try two to four ounces daily of Ningxia Red. A 2002 Journal of Natural Alternative and Complementary Medicine Journal article stated MSM may help alleviate allergy symptoms. Sulfurzyme contains MSM and Ningxia wolfberry. For the study, 55 patients took either MSM supplements or a placebo every day for 30 days. Looking at data on the 50 participants who completed the study, researchers found that those assigned to the MSM supplements experienced significantly greater improvements in lower respiratory symptoms (compared to members of the placebo group).

Dr Ellen Cutler, author of “Winning the War Against Immune Disorders and Allergies, says “Food enzymes can cut allergies considerably and reduce asthma. Enzymes are safe, natural and easy to use”.  Consider using Allerzyme and Detoxyzyme enzyme capsules.

Avoid dairy (mucous forming), white flour, sugar,non-sprouted breads and GMO foods. Drink lots of pure water to help lower histamine levels.

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