Sulfurzyme, Purification, Lemon & Citrus Fresh



* Citrus Fresh essential oil: For anxiety and air purification try this blend of Orange,Tangerine,Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Spearmint essential oils. Citrus Fresh is an inspiring blend for all ages.  Add a drop to water for a refreshing drink.

* Purification essential oil blend:  Used  for everything from disinfecting cuts, scrapes, insect bites, to neutralizing smoke, mildew and laundry odors. A favorite for repelling fleas and ticks.

* Lemon essential oil: Used for circulatory problems, UTI infections, hypertension, digestion (heartburn), acne, anxiety, tumors, depression, relaxation and immunity.   Use a drop on your chest and feet at the onset of a cold to lessen its duration. A drop added to distilled water and/or white vinegar can be used as an all purpose natural cleaner.

* Sulfurzyme capsules: Combines Ningxia Red and MSM to help support almost every major body function including liver, joint, and immune health.*  Read the “The Miracle of MSM” by Dr Stanley Jacob.







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