“Healing from the Heart” by Dr Oz

135279Dr Mehmet Oz, in his book “Healing from the Heart”, says “Our sense of smell, located in the catacombs of the most primitive part of the brain are very powerful. When we smell, our autonomic nervous system-our body’s autopilot-can produce all kinds of physical reactions. The amygdala, the brain’s emotional center, is directly connected to the olfactory gland, …

For Jane Buckle, who trained for years at Cambridge University and is now a consultant and practitioner in our Complementary Care Center, aromatherapy is not just the application of scents.  Of the dozens of essential oils derived from plants, each has its own characteristic aroma and therapeutic properties, and so each fragrance affects the olfactory gland with different combinations of chemicals. Applied on the skin or sampled in whiffs in or near the nasal passages, some fragrances soothe and relax, while others stimulate and invigorate.”

Dr Jane Buckle,author of “Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing”, offers a Clinical Aromatherapy home study course.  http://www.rjbuckle.com/janebuckle-londonuk.html

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