Using Essential Oils on the Ears


img002The AIA teleseminar was once again above and beyond expectations. Marc Gian,L.Ac.,LMT,  spoke about using the more expensive oils on your ears.  Interesting concept.  It makes sense since the ear reflexology chart symbolizes the body parts. He said to let go of experiences that no longer serve us.   Below are some highlights of his talk.

He spoke about how important Melissa oil was for the heart, lungs and loss.  Ravensara and tea tree for qi strength. Lemongrass for lungs. Neroli to tonify the spleen and heart blood. Neroli for worry, calmness, good for women on tomoxifen. Middle notes calm the mind, nourish the heart. Carrot seed to nourish the blood. Rose allows you to go deep inside your own being. Base notes- dark night of your soul to heal. Myrrh to invigorate the blood. Myrrh- bottom of feet, ankles, calming, grounding, go within, solitude.
Frankincense- lungs, heart,kidney, antibacterial, invigorates blood, calm, increase depth of respiration. Combine with scotch pine to deepen.
Spikenard- can cause stagnation, entrap emotions.

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