A book before it’s time (1960) by Maxwell Maltz, MD

“Psycho-Cybernetics” seems to be one of those books that was light years ahead of its time. Dr Maltz, a plastic surgeon and  author of  “New Faces, New Futures”, observed changes in his patient’s personalities after surgery.  This book talks about the power of the mind and how your thoughts can shape your destiny.  Here is an excerpt:

Old Recordings Can Be Changed

…..the more a given engram is activated or “replayed”, the more potent it becomes. ….Here again, we have good scientific ground for forgetting and ignoring those unhappy experiences from the past and concentrating upon the happy and pleasant. By so doing, we strengthen those engrams having to do with success and happiness and weaken those having to do with failure and unhappiness.

Like a broken phonograph, you can keep on playing the same old “broken record” of the past, reliving past injustices, pitying yourself for past mistakes, all of which activates failure patterns and failure feelings which color your present and future. Or, if you chose, you can put on a new record, and reactivate success patterns and the “winning feeling”, which help you do better in the present and promise a more enjoyable future. Change your mental imagery, and the feelings will take care of themselves.

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