Lemongrass for fleas

Many thanks to Ilene (www.vibrationalhealingfromtheheart.com) for her tip on fleas.  I took some organic coconut oil, 2 drops of  Young Living Lemongrass essential oil and rubbed it together in my hands. I applied a small amount to my dog’s back.  I washed her a few days later and used Thieves household cleaner, diluted, as a final rinse.  This is working better than the distilled water/essential oils spray.  Since oils are so concentrated, they are more bioavailable when diluted.  You can use olive oil, jojaba oil, coconut oil, or V6 as a carrier oil to mix with the essential oils.  Most oils are safe on the bottom of the feet, (human), but always do a patch test. Some oils are safe neet (undiluted) and others are skin irritants.  Always read the literature before applying. The Essential Desk Reference is an excellent guide.  Diffusing is a safe delivery method when using oils.  Diffusing the tree oils works great for respiratory congestion. Palo Santo is a favorite of mine for the lungs. Dorada Azul is noted for asthma.

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