Taming Parasitic Monsters with Dr Raphael d’Angelo, MD – teleseminar is open to the public


Taming the Parasitic Monsters with Essential Oils

 About the Teleseminar

Dr. Raphael d’Angelo, medical doctor and microbiologist will provide you with an eye opening account of the world of parasites. These fascinating creatures can cause symptoms from mild to misery when they encounter the human host. From his early days detecting these critters in an Air Force hospital in Viet Nam to his current parasite research lab studies, Dr. d’Angelo will give the details of modern day exposure, symptomatology, detection and treatment. Some essential oils are mentioned in textbooks but there is very little published research on the use of essential oils for therapy of parasitic infections. Dr. d’Angelo will be sharing his treatment experiences with essential oils from his ParaWellness Research program.

Meet Dr. d’Angelo

Raphael d’Angelo, M.D., a holistic medical doctor, provides consultative services in the area of natural health. Dr. d’Angelo has over 45 years in medical microbiology and parasitology and conducts research in various aspects of infectious diseases. Certified in family medicine, integrative holistic medicine,  medical microcurrent, clinical aromatherapy, and medical technology, he practices as a Native American Medicine Man under the jurisdiction of the  Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act of 1993 and a Ninth Amendment  Declaration of Individual Rights as filed.

Contact Information:
Email:   info@parawellnessresearch.com
Web:     http://www.parawellnessresearch.com/index.html


  Tell your clients: If they want to listen to a teleseminar they can now join in the call for a fee of $25. Click here for information. There is a quick and easy link to register for the teleseminar.   

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