Wound care first aid



Image     I cut my finger really deep yesterday with a kitchen knife. In the Animal Care Intensive class that I took with Dr Shelton, she said that Lavender oil is a good choice for a wound.  I rinsed the cut with water and poured Lavender on top of the wound.  I blotted the blood, applied pressure and added more Lavender to the cut.   I then put a flex band-aid on the cut.  The Essential Oil Desk Reference said that Melrose (tea tree, niaouli, rosemary, and clove)  is an antiseptic and aids in tissue regeneration.  The EODR says that  helichrysum is indicated to reduce bleeding,scarring and promote healing.  Cistus (Rose of Sharon Bible oil)  is good for bleeding but I didn’t have it.  When I changed the band-aid, I put helichrysum and tea tree on the cut and put on a fresh band-aid.  The finger had started to close up and quit throbbing.  I had cut my finger so deep that the nail was cut into the quick.  Thank God for these oils since my medical deductible is so high!   I put a finger cot on and was able to do 4 grooms.

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