Sassy Water – Zero Calories and Delicious (thanks to Karin Atwell LMT – Massage & Body Works)

Sassy Water helps to reduce belly fat by allowing your body to naturally detox. Cucumbers are a natural diuretic and  ginger boosts your metabolism. Ginger is great for upset stomach.  Lemons are alkalizing to the blood and aid in heartburn relief. Your body and blood should be alkaline for optimal healing.  Zero calories and delicious.  For those of us who don’t like water, this is a great way to get your eight glasses.  I use a one liter glass pitcher.   Recipe:  natural fluoride free spring water, one sliced and peeled organic cucumber, organic lemon and/or orange slices (pesticides in conventional), peeled and grated ginger, and mint sprigs.  You can substitute lemon and/or orange with lemon, tangerine, or orange essential oil.  If you don’t have the mint, you can use one drop of spearmint essential oil.  Let the water sit overnight and the next morning it is ready to enjoy.   For extra sweetness, I have used kiwi slices and organic strawberries.You can be creative.  For info on the “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen”  foods that have pesticides and those that don’t see:

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