Reflexology, Vita Flex foot chart

Reflexology, Vita Flex foot chart   (thanks to Janet Woods, world certified reflexologist)

Reflexology: oils to support the body system applied to Vita Flex points on the feet.

Body System: – Essential Oils:

Respiratory – Raven, RC, Eucalyptus

Skeletal – Panaway, Valor, Raindrop therapy

Muscular – Relieve it, Basil, Aroma Seize

Digestion – Di Gize, Peppermint

Liver/gallbladder – Juva Flex, Release

Endocrine – Endoflex, Lady Sclareol, Dragon Time

Immune system – Thieves, Frankincense, Purification

Urinary – Juniper, Melrose, lemon , k& B

Nervous – Peace & calming, Lavender

Circulatory – Aroma life               ( Image courtesy of Essential Oils Desk Reference guide. )

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