Pee & Poop

Paying attention to your dog’s pee and poop ( and yours) can be a good indicator of health and/or illness.  My friend called me complaining of her dog urinating on the floor and how thick and foul smelling it was.   I told her that normal pee is not thick and foul.   I ran across a couple of articles that might be of interest on perfect pee and poop by Dr John Douillard, owner of Life Spa in Colorado.   He is an Ayurvedic Physician and has done videos for Mayo Clinic.   Here is the link: .   I use unsweetened cranberry juice in my smoothies to discourage bacteria from sticking to my bladder wall.  I use K & B on occasion to support my kidney and bladder.  Life 5 probiotics have 8 billion viable bacteria to support the gut. 

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