Help for sleep – hints from great sources

I usually sleep very well, but on occasion I will have a challenge.  Last night was one of those nights.  I was overtired and didn’t want to bother with my lavender oil.  I was tossing and turning and so was my dog.  I finally got up and put the lavender oil on my feet and under my nose.  The dog went right to sleep but my mind was spinning. I was thinking about sharing what I have learned about getting good sleep.  Medicine Crow had a great seminar on sleep.  The author spoke of using cherry juice, pumpkin seeds, magnesium, Valerian ( I use rutavala roll on with valerian, lavender and rue oil), spikenard essential oil, hand and feet massage with sesame oil.  He said get to bed by 10 PM.  He said get your Vitamin D checked.  He said most people have a magnesium deficiency.  He said restless leg could benefit from magnesium.  (Read Dr Carolyn Dean’s book “The Magnesium Miracle”)  David Crow said that problems getting to sleep are usually a nervous type problem while staying asleep is a blood sugar problem.  For more great information on sleep go to Dr Breus’ website, or   I have found that diffusing Gentle Baby oil or lavender helps me sleep.  has a great article on getting good sleep too.  Check her blog.

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