Anxious Cocker Spaniel wins BOB after handler uses Valor and Peace & Calming

My friend had a Cocker that was acting very timid and shy around strangers.  The dog was drop dead gorgeous but couldn’t win anything because he was acting like a freak around the judge.  She brought the dog to handling class and asked everyone to go over the dog.   I asked her, “If I had something that might  help your dog’s behavior would you be interested ?”   Of course she was !!   I explained to her about the essential oils named  Valor (for courage) and Peace and Calming (anxiety).   I told her to try each oil separately at handling class and see how he responded.  I showed her how to put the oil on her hands, (one or two drops in the palm)  rub them together and let him smell.   I told her that in Dog shows that you are not allowed to “alter” the dog in anyway.   Valor and Peace & Calming can be used as a perfume on the handler.  The dog’s sense of smell is so keen that it doesn’t take much for them to experience the benefits.   The owner tried the oil for several classes and the dog stopped shying away from the judge.  At the next two dog shows, the owner was very pleased to report that the dog won BOB two days in a row !!  

Dr Shelton DVM, recommends Believe, Highest Potential, White Angelica, and Valor for performance dogs and show dogs.  She talks about the owner being a human diffuser. 

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