My Smoothie recipe- great detox and keeps you full for hours

I make a green smoothie every morning.  You can change the ingredient proportions if you like but this is what works for me.  I use a vitamix ( I broke five other blenders).  You can use a nutribullet too.   I put spinach and/or kale (organic only), avocado, almond milk or water, nutiva maca powder (Dr Sara Gottfried recommends in her Hormone cure book for hormone balancing),  chia seeds (omega 3), pumpkin seeds (raw), hemp powder or Young Living Rice protein powder or balance complete meal replacer,  and some tree of life concentrated unsweetened pure cranberry.   I blend that up.  I then add frozen berries and organic grapes ( I freeze them and have them in a bag ready to use).  I blend that up and it is ready.  I sometimes use kiwi.  You can also add a frozen banana for sweetness.   Dr Hyman (The Blood sugar Solution)  recommends berries over tropical fruit.  The berries have fiber and take longer to enter the blood stream.   Pineapple and other tropical fruits can cause sugar spikes.  If you want to lose weight, check out  for a free ebook on weight loss.   I tried every diet and that book helped me.

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2 Responses to My Smoothie recipe- great detox and keeps you full for hours

  1. What is the quantity of each item…and do you add any liquid? In the end of blending, now much smoothie is in the container?

    • Hi Sandra, For the amounts of the ingredients for smoothie,etc… I use a vitamix. I put 3 handfuls of spinach and/or kale. I put some water and almond milk to moisten it. I add handful of pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds. I add one avocado. I add a teaspoon of maca powder, 3 tablespoons of hemp powder or scoop of Young Living Protein powder. I turn the blender on. I then add a frozen banana, some frozen berries and whatever other fruit that I like. I change it up. The blender is 3/4 full. I put most of it in a go cup to take to work. The rest of the smoothie, I put in a container with a lid. I immediately put it in the freezer. On the days that I am running late, I take a frozen one to work. I shake it up and drink it down after it is thawed.

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