Stay healthy, stay Alkaline

Checking your urine from time to time is a good idea.  Use a PH strip to test your urine acid/ alkaline balance.  If you are too acidic, your body is not in balance and it can lead to dis-ease.   If you are too acidic, I have found that lemon and lime essential oil (1 drop in 8 ounces of water) will bring your PH back to the proper balance.  Sugar can make you acidic.  Sugar feeds cancer cells.  Some high glycemic foods cause sugar spikes.  Avoid foods with high GI (glycemic index’s)

Dr Hyman (  recommends PGX fiber to help clear sugar from the blood.   I find that it helps to fill me up and make me less hungry.   It comes in packets that you can take with you.  Balance complete has a lot of fiber too.  Add some almond milk to it and a drop of orange oil for a great meal replacement.  Orange oil is high in d- limonene.

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