Dr William Li talks about starving cancer cells on this video from TED.com

http://www.ted.com/talks/william_li.html    Many foods have naturally occuring cancer starving properties.  Dr David Servan-Schreiber, author of “Anticancer, a New Way of Life” spoke of raspberries being tested and proven to stop the growth of blood vessels from a tumor.  His book on cd is an excellent resource. He battled brain cancer and wrote about his personal research to find answers.

I drink Ningxia Red daily for it’s high antioxidant properties and the citrus essential oils in it. It gives me energy too.  It is great for inflammation.  It has stevia and grape seed extract which have been shown to help diabetics regulate blood sugar.  My father is a diabetic.  His c-reactive protein and blood sugar are excellent now that he takes omegagize and Ningxia red daily.

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