Ginger oil stopped my dog from vomiting

This morning, Smile (toy poodle) vomited her breakfast.  I reached for the Young Living Ginger essential oil.  I put one drop on my hands, rubbed them together in a circular fashion.  (With essential oils  less is more.  Start with small amount and see how they do.  You can always add another drop, but start small.)    I applied the oil to her coat on her back by petting her.   The oils are absorbed via the hair shaft and enter  into the blood stream.  Within a short period of time, she had no more vomiting.

The Ginger oil is excellent for nausea and car sickness.  Do not use Ginger oil  on animals that are bleeding as it can act as an anti-coagulant.   Ginger’s medicinal properties include anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, expectorant, rheumatism, arthritis, respiratory infections, congestion, muscular aches and nausea.

Di Gize ( a blend of Young Living essential oils) contains Ginger.  Di Gize  has been used successfully for human food poisoning and other digestive issues.   I have used it for dog vomiting by petting the dog’s belly with my hand that has oil on it.

I recommend Young Living oils for their quality and purity.  Young Living Blends that include Ginger are Abundance, ComfortTone, EndoGize and Magnify Your Purpose.

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