Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils have opened up a whole new world for me. I can’t imagine life without them. Years ago when a massage therapist suggested using Essential oils, I replied with an emphatic NO WAY, I am allergic to fragrance! What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was allergic to the chemicals used in making perfumes. Those chemicals can be highly toxic and when applied to the skin (usually the wrist and behind the ears), penetrate the skin and end up in the bloodstream. Essential oils follow the same path but can be beneficial if diluted and applied properly.

Essential oils (the life blood of the plant) are highly concentrated liquids that are distilled from certain parts of the plant. Not all plants have essential oils. Young Living created a way to distill the oils with water and not chemicals. They harvest the plant at the proper time to obtain the highest benefits from the plants. Plants in nature produce oils that help to protect them from bacteria, fungus and other dis-eases. We can benefit by knowing how to use these oils to support our own health and wellness. Oils have also been used to help support the emotional well being of the user. Orange and Lavender oil have been used successfully in pre-dental procedures to help patients combat dental anxiety.

The uses of Essential Oils are endless. To name a few…make your own chemical free house cleaning products, skin care products, salves and balms, room spritzers, bath salts,massage oil blends, cooking spices, help cuts and bruises, pet care, chakra clearing and much more. Diffusing the oils with a ultrasonic cold water diffuser is always a great way to release negative ions like the ocean air. I like the diffusers that are on intermittent cycles as opposed to constant release. Plant Extracts is my favorite company for diffusers. They are the safest for pets and can be repaired.

Since oils are very concentrated, only tiny amounts should be used. “Less is More” when it comes to essential oils. There are many ways to use oils but most should be diluted when applied to the skin. A carrier oil ( jojoba, olive, coconut, V6) can be mixed with a few drops of essential oil before applying. Avoid applying citrus oils like Bergamot and sitting in the sun. Photo sensitive oils should never be applied before sun exposure. Oils can be made into a roll-on blend by adding oils to the carrier oil and placed in a glass roll-on bottle. Glass spray bottles, roll-on, dropper bottles and nasal spray bottles are available from LSP online store. Glass is always preferred to prevent the oils from leaching out the plastic. I like a drop of Vitality oil in my water like the lemon, tangerine, or lime oil. I like to add black pepper and lavender to my epsom salt when I soak in the hot bath tub. Always put the oil into the epsom salt and add to the water once you are in the tub.

For more information about Essential oils, please visit my website. https://tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com/

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Calming Blend

2fde6246d861ae87fc2ceb378b80a86eFor Anxiety for you or your pet, try Lavender, Frankincense and Vetiver blended in a glass bottle. Thanks to Tammy at Wags and Purrs Specialty Pet Store for this tip. If you need help with your pets, she has lots of great information to share. Located in Melbourne.



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Fourth of July Tips for Dogs

animal-comics-dog-doing-yogaThe 4th of July is around the corner. What can you do to help an anxious dog?  I love using thunder shirts, diffusing essential oils and playing calming music for dogs. T touch may also be a good option.

Thunder shirts apply gentle pressure like a hug. Veterinarian recommended and guaranteed. Check out their website.  https://thundershirt.com/pages/fireworks

Calming music like the CD  Through A Dog’s Ear or the Wholetones Pet music can help cover up the sound of Fireworks. https://wholetones.com/pet-music

Treats for calming are available as well as herbal remedies like Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for Pets.

T- Touch is a method of calming animals by using a special touch technique. They offer workshops, books, dvds and online events.  https://ttouch.com/Our_Method_for/Dogs/index.html

Be sure to offer plenty of exercise before the Fireworks start to eliminate pent up energy.

Diffusing oils like Gentle Baby or Peace & Calm are favorites of mine. I like the diffusers that have volume controls and intermittent release of the oils.  Dogs have a keen sense of smell so the oils can help with anxiety. Putting the oils on your hands and petting the dog is also an option. Less is more with oils so use sparingly and only use therapeutic grade oils to avoid the chemicals many companies use in distillation.  Ask me how to get wholesale prices from Young Living.

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Bringing Home A New Puppy


A few steps in planning and preparation for your new puppy will make the process easier on you and the dog.  Your breeder should be able to help with diet tips, routines and how the puppy was housed as well as the worming and vaccination schedule. Keeping the puppy on the same food and routine for a few days will lessen the stress of coming to a new home. If you want to change the diet, do it gradually to avoid upset tummy.  I like to give the puppy one drop of pet rescue remedy and bring them home with a toy or blanket from the breeders house. I also like Dr Millers’ Nutra Drops for stress relief.  If you have other dogs, don’t overwhelm the puppy with all of them at once. Monitor the other dogs so that they don’t pick on the puppy.  The following paragraphs are what I recommend for my pups but your breeder will know what is best for their dogs to thrive.

I like to have a safe area in place for housing the puppy when you are not supervising like a puppy pen with a plastic Vari Kennel in the pen (open door). The plastic kennel is like a den for sleeping. This gets them ready for crate training.  I put thick plastic like a shower curtain liner on the floor under the xpen. My pen has small slats on it so puppy doesn’t get stuck. I put food, water (filtered with no fluoride), toys, beef tendons (no bully sticks or raw hide), and paper for elimination.  I also love the Snuggle Puppy with the heartbeat that I put in the back of the crate.  I have a harness in place (Pet supermarket has the ones that I love … Lil Pals Coastal Mesh harness and Poochella. They are easy on and off and pups seem to love them.

I try to keep the pups stress level down by using the stress vitamins and some essential oils in my diffuser (peace and calm or gentle baby are favorites and only a couple drops) along with the whole tones music.  Eating is a must and I also give warmed goats milk and half and half for a few days to keep the calories up. Using paper for the pups to eliminate is always a good choice if you don’t have a secure place in the back yard. Leaving them to run free in a big area can be stressful.  Use an outdoor xpen or your harness and leash.  I love the Xpens from http://www.petedge.com that fold and are coated to prevent rust.  Proselect  Everlast is a great choice for indoor, outdoor and travel as they fold.

The first night, I let the pup sleep on my bed in a sherpa bag (unzipped slightly so my hand can go in). I put the snuggle pup in the sherpa bag with the pup, and put my hand in the bag. One or two nights of this and they can go to the puppy pen. A  pup that cries all night can stress the immune system. Best to avoid that.

Feeding directions…  I believe that food along with a chemical free environment is very important to longevity. I use Raw, Freeze dried and dry foods of the highest quality.  I love probitotics and change the brand to keep the gut bacteria friendly as the gut is where the immune system starts. Antibiotics and over use of vaccines ( I don’t recommend yearly shot but Titers instead) can wreck the immune system and lead to many problems.  Avoid GMO foods and wheat, soy, peas and corn.  I use  dry natures logic in the morning. I cook a whole chicken in the pressure cooker.  I use some of the chicken (cut up small) along with the congealed broth to pour over the dry. I add probiotics or the whole food supplement called Natures Logic All Food Fortifer.  I leave out freeze dried Vital essential food and Freeze dried Primal (crumbled) for them to free feed. At night I give them some raw natures logic food (to room temperature).  Raw food should probably be avoided until they are older.  If pups get loose stool, Proviable is a great choice for probiotics.  They also have a paste with kaopectate in it.  Once you get your pup home and settled, you can change the diet by feeding half my food and half of the new food, decreasing the original food until you have made the switch.

Avoid chemicals like Febreeze, Glade plug ins, Swifter, Lysol and yard pesticides. Little dogs absorb all those poisons and it can lead to cancer.  I use Young Living essential oils to make DIY products and Thieves cleaning products that are safe.

Start socializing the puppy but avoid other dog’s poop.   I am not a fan of dog parks unless it is for all toy breeds and then not until fully vaccinated.  Car rides and out door shopping malls are good choices to start the social process. Have puppy parties at your house. Buy books to read like Cesar Milan  Raising the Perfect Puppy .

Never put a puppy up on a couch or bed until they can get up there on their own. One fall from a high spot can wreck their legs.

Search this blog for Natural pet care for more tips and interviews with Holistic Vets.

For more information on essential oils, contact me Tantalite3@aol.com  or  visit https://tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com/

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Tips From A Housebound Workaholic



I am at home (dental offices closed due to Gov mandate) with only my thoughts on the Coronavirus reporting of doom and gloom. My dear co-worker, Denise, invited me to a Facebook Dental Hygiene group.  The group led me to free online courses with amazing inspirational speakers.  These dentists are donating their time to spread hope and encouragement.  Just as these speakers helped me to view things in a brighter light, I would like to share some ideas that might help you….

A free Meditation with Jack Kornfield on Replacing Negative thoughts:  https://youtu.be/zsXDIk5ur2U   (I love the 10% Happier Podcasts that are free on Spotify).

Florida on a tankful always has fresh ideas…. this morning and they were making candles and soaps with natural ingredients and essential oils. Check out their link on how to do it :  https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/florida-on-a-tankful/2020/03/19/florida-on-a-tankful-homemade-soaps-candles

Aroma Series Books from Discover Life Science Publishing. Learn how to make natural products for cleaning, beauty, baby, cooking and much more. https://www.discoverlsp.com/all-books/aroma-home-series.html

Miss your yoga practice? Try joining the Yoga Master Travis Eliot with his free videos: https://youtu.be/riSgNOcuxAw      For more more with Travis: https://flexibilityandbeyond.com/      I love to use inhale Peppermint oil before my yoga practice.

Barbara Hoopes, dog breeder, geneticist extraordinaire, has a puppy training video. https://youtu.be/RO8zrnrsVUw

Read a book from the library.. Library closed? No problem. Download the Libby app and you can borrow books electronically and audiobooks from anywhere in the state. You can download to your phone, or kindle (or download a free kindle for PC from Amazon.com)

Massage your feet with essentail oils that help support the body. Check out a Reflexology foot diagram that shows the location on the bottom of the feet that correlate to the organs. For instance, if you have a sore area on the foot that is in the heart area, use oils that support the heart like JOY or Rose. Additionally,  one drop of joy over your heart is also delightful.   3369854

Tellington Touch for yourself and your pet is a great way to de-stress. https://ttouch.com/Our_Method_for/Dogs/index.html

Make a picnic in your back yard. Sit out under the trees and ground yourself.  Read about the benefits of grounding yourself … http://www.earthing.com

Soak in a hot bath of epsom salts and Lavender oil. The magnesium in the epsom salts are good for many things.  https://www.youngliving.com/blog/diy-bath-salts/

Take time to review and reflect on your life and see if there isn’t something that you would rather be doing for joy and fulfillment.  When I was working five days a week, going to the gym, taking care of dogs and my oil customers, I was meeting myself coming and going.  I kept thinking how nice it would be to have some time off to do the things that I really want to do. If you think about doing what you love and you are blessing other people, I believe that it will come back to you. I bought a Hay House box called Transform Your Life Through Handwriting.  I have never opened the box. Maybe now I can. I have had a sewing maching on my living room table for months to make belly bands.  I have time to do it now.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or ideas for a future blog post. I don’t have all the answers but I can find them and share on this blog.  Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and we will come out stronger on the other side. Small acts of kindness go along way and we can all use a little bit of that.  Email me at tantalite3@aol.com

If you are looking for essential oils, please check out my website at https://tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com/

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The Morry Method

Health Summits are plentiful and most are free to listen to in the first twenty four hours. Topics include Anxiety, Gut Health, Essential oils, Diabetes, Holistic Veterinary medicine and many more. Experts share methods that may be more natural or alternative than simply taking prescribed drugs.  I  listen to the speakers and then find their books and websites to see if they offer more information. I don’t purchase the recordings because I believe the information changes from year to year.

Dr Eric Z has a Youtube channel with Essential oil tips and more. https://www.youtube.com/user/doctorericz

Trudy Scott,CN, in her Summit #5 on Anxiety, recommended a Sound Engineer for helping the Brain. Morry Zelcovitch, creator of  The Morry Method, offers free material on his website along with personal help in using and choosing products.  Research backs up the benefits of Brain Entrainment and Morry is a certified Engineer in this area.

I like to put Frankincense on my palms, rub together, cup over my nose and inhale to help my brain and cognition.  Inhaling Peppermint oil in the morning helps to energize me.  Always avoid the eyes with essential oils…

Happy New Year !

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Lavender Hot Chocolate

Sign up for the Young Living Blog for videos, recipes, and tips on using essential oils at    https://www.youngliving.com/blog/category/how-to-use-and-benefits-of-essential-oils/ .  With cool weather coming, this hot chocolate recipe looks yummy…

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Anxiety Help

Nervousness, apprehension, worry?  I believe that we all experience that at times but when it becomes excessive, it can be labeled a medical condition. Instead of using a benzodiazepine drug which can have side effects,  some people have used essential oils with great results.  The fear center in the brain (limbic system) can be positively affected by smelling certain essential oils as they enter through the nose and travel to the brain and bloodstream.  Trudy Scott, CN, author of  The Anti Anxiety Food Solution, has a newsletter and free online anxiety summits.  Below are some useful article links that contain more information on oils, anxiety, and the research findings.









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Simple Fixes for Big Results

Tired of being tired and frazzled? Stressed and overwhelmed? Stress over time can cause many health issues so best to find ways to manage it. Life can get crazy but there are a few simple things that you can do that can make a big difference.Here are a some suggestions that have helped me…

1. Wake up each day and stretch,breathe, and find gratitude before jumping out of bed.  Get ten minutes of sunshine in the morning along with a dose of prayer or meditation.  Write in a journal- no thinking, just start writing your thoughts. Drink a full glass of warm water with a drop of lemon or lime (or vitality essential oil).  Stay hydrated through the day with pure water.

2. Replace the starbucks coffee and danish with a green smoothie. I use a vitamix but a nutra-bullet works.  https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/green-smoothie-recipe/

Drink Organic coffee (https://www.gourmet-coffee.com/)  Use raw honey instead of sugar or Stevia. Avoid artificial sweeteners unless it is stevia (better stevia brand).

3. Try to practice yoga, tai chi or chi gong as often as you can. I use a drop of peppermint oil to enhance the breathing part of my yoga practice. Take a ten minute break to just breathe whenever you feel overwhelmed. Yoga Nidra (try youtube) at night can help with sleep.  Take a walk in nature.

4. Take a walk after dinner. Don’t eat too late at night. Bone broth or decaf hot tea at night is ok. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts and your favorite essential oil like Lavender or StressAway.  I use magnesium spray on my feet before sleep. Magnesium is needed for over 300 body processes and most people are deficient. I take a time released probiotic at night (Life 9).  I avoid electronic devices an hour before bed. I cover the light on my alarm clocks so that I don’t see the red lights. I read by an amber light (doesn’t interfere with sleep) and try to get to sleep by Eleven o’clock.  Ten o’clock would be better for the restorative sleep.

5. Avoid GMO foods and prepared foods.  Einkorn wheat seems to be ok but avoid modern day wheat that is sprayed with roundup and has been genetically modified. Our gut can’t digest those foods and it can lead to leaky gut which can lead to allergies,etc.  Organic fruits, veggies and grass fed cage free meats should be the goal.

6. Be careful of personal care products that contain chemicals. Everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed and ends up in the bloodstream.  Make your own lotions with a carrier oil (coconut or jojoba) and a favorite essential oil.

7. Take whole food vitamins made from organic foods.

8. Try an infrared sauna for detox. We have the JNH brand. Take minerals after the sweat to replenish.

9. Do something that brings you joy everyday. Write down your dreams and wishes and see them happening. Try to do something nice for others every day even if it is just a smile or a kind word.

10. Listen to free online summits on subjects that you are interested in. They are offered frequently and can provide information that you wouldn’t get from conventional sources. Summits offer expert speakers on subjects such as anxiety, gut health, brain health, stress and overwhelm and many more.

11. Get a pet to love or go meet new friends through http://www.meetup.com. You can even create your own meet up group through that website.

12. Know that you are a child of God and he loves you…….




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Gua Sha from Complete Home Spa

Look Younger and Better with Gua Sha and Essential Oils

How It Works

When you gently scrape a Gua Sha stone along your skin, it’ll stimulate your face. So what? Well imagine you’ve got some facial puffiness. That’s due to stagnant lymph nodes. When you scrape them, excess liquid in the nodes gets drained away. Your puffiness will rapidly retreat!

The same is true for any toxins that have built up – they’ll be released by the scraping. Very helpful if you have spots or blemishes. The final benefit is simply that of getting a face massage – your muscles will relax and wrinkles will melt away. I can vouch for it – my skin has never been so clear and healthy!

Incorporating Essential Oils

What I like about adding essential oils to my routine is that I can take the same amount of time and get more results. For example, if I have any breakouts or acne spots I use Tea Tree oil (I’m sure you know all about its anti-bacterial properties). My pores feel super clean after a Tea Tree scraping.

Or if I’m feeling overly stressed or anxious, I break out the Lavender. The smell alone reduces my stress levels by 20%, but Lavender is another anti-bacterial essential oil and works wonders on my sun spots.

How to Incorporate Them Into Your Daily Routine

You should get faster with this skincare routine the more you do it. It makes it very easy to add to your morning routine before you get ready for the day. When you first start out, take it slow until you get comfortable with the entire process, and then you can start doing it every day.

When I notice problem spots on my face, I take two or three drops of my Tea Tree oil and put it on a cotton ball. Then I dab this cotton ball onto my face on the problem areas. I also tried adding a few drops to my face wash, and this worked great as well! You can use it every day or every few days.

If you have time, you can use a diffuser and put five drops of Lavender oil in and let the scent surround you. You should feel yourself relaxing, and the stress disappears. If you want to take it with you, you can put a small dab of the Lavender oil on your wrists, temples, or on the back of your neck so you can relax when you’re out and about.

Gua Sha and essential oils are a great way to help clear up your skin and leave you with a tighter, toned, bright, and healthy face. It’s quick, easy, and it can fit into your evening routine.

Wellness · Massage · Relaxation
The above post was submitted to me to share on my blog. It is for educational purposes and not an endorsement or medical advise.  I am not personally fond of Tea Tree oil.  Tawnya
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